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Sunday 11 December 2016 8:0 AM
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347 Don Shula Drive
Miami Gardens
Florida , United States
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The tailgate party is back. Even better it will be catered by chef Barry.  Even 26 Degrees Brewing Company is sponsoring our event and providing us with some of their delicious beer!!  The tailgate party will be at the Dolphin game vs the Arizona Cardinals Sunday from 9AM-kickoff by Orange East 31.  Our cook will be preparing (1) beer battered bacon, (2) the most incredible sandwich:  A blackened meatloaf sandwich with mashed potatoes and onion rings all served on garlic bread, and (3) chicken wings.  In addition we will provide soft drinks, chips and dessert.  The cost will be $20 and you must PAY IN ADVANCE(right now would be great) as our cook needs to prepare the menu and buy groceries and supplies based on our numbers.  Do NOT send money by Meetup but inquire to pay by Paypal or Wells Fargo. If tons of beer and amazing food sound like a great day then please, please pay now to reserve your spot.  Payments must be received by December  Even if you don't want to the game you can still experience an awesome tailgate party!  If you want to go you can purchase your own tickets.  But there's nothing wrong with just coming to enjoy a 4 hour food and beer orgy only!

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