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Saturday 17 December 2016 10:0 PM
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1240 Thurlow, V6E 1X5
British Columbia , Canada
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How much does it cost to go on KINK Fetish Nights "Electric Christmas"?

Playhouse Nightclub in Vancouver is one of the top concert destinations in the country, with a wide variety of venues and performances. Fans of all types are able to find a price point they’re comfortable with.

How long does a KINK Fetish Nights "Electric Christmas" last?

Two hours. Concerts are typically two hours long, with a twenty-minute intermission. Start times for special events vary.

When will KINK Fetish Nights "Electric Christmas"

the date and time are shown at the beginning of the page. you will be able to enter the Playhouse Nightclub - 2016-12-17

Where will the KINK Fetish Nights "Electric Christmas" take place?

KINK Fetish Nights "Electric Christmas" is appointed in a great place to thePlayhouse Nightclub. About which we can learn more in wikipedia Playhouse Nightclub on wiki.
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╪Welcome to KINK Fetish Nights Christmas edition╪ ★Electric Christmas★ Electronic music and Electric play, bring your violet wands!! KINK Fetish Night’s is for all the kinky people of Vancouver! You might be new to the scene or you’ve been around since Velvet Steele's Body Perve days, either way, this is not an event to be missed! We are a kink-based LGBTQ and STRAIGHT friendly event. Wait until you see our large outdoor fully covered and heated dungeon with plush seats for observers and those guest that need aftercare. Low lighting for the sexy ambiance and on site DM’s (dungeon monitors) at all times to ensure safe consensual play! Dungeon equipment provided by PLUR Productions and brought to you by Black & Blue Dungeon Equipment! KINK is held at Club Playhouse Vancouver where we can guarantee security, privacy and a relaxed atmosphere! The music starts early followed by sexy dancing and acts of KINK/BDSM in the dungeon space. You are free to do what you like provided you are performing consensual scenes and dressed according to our strict fetish policy. If you prefer to watch others, dance, drink, socialize then the choice is yours and enjoy! ╪Dj's and Visuals - All Electronic!  - Cory baker aka DR. WLD & Dj's Sex Traffic Panda!!  ╪Strict Fetish Dress Code with a Christmas twist• Rubber• Leather / Pleather• PVC / Vinyl• Gothic• Fetish Glam• Cyber Erotic• Kinky Drag ╪What is the fetish dress code? You have to dress the part to get in. This generally means dressing sexy, but in a kinky way. Latex, vinyl, leather, corsets and fishnets are all excellent options. Check out the photo gallery for ideas PLUR Productions - KINK Fetish Nights. If this is your first time going to a fetish party, you may feel a bit odd before you get to the club but believe us when we say that the more fetish and wild you dress, the more at home you will feel once you step in the door of the party. ╪Why a dress code? Why not just let everybody in? Our party is different because it has a fetish fantasy sort of atmosphere - everyone is dressed up and everyone looks amazing. The mundane and boring conventions of the outside vanilla world are left at the door for good reason. Letting everyone in regardless of what they are wearing would make this party just like any other and we assure you - this is NOT your run-of-the-mill, boring conventional nightclub event. ╪What if I don't own those clothes? Deadly Couture sells everything you could ever need. Some less expensive options are Ultra Love Retail, Bo La La if you want to rent a costume for the night or Model Express will probably have some outfits that work or better yet if you have a friend that owns some kinky clothes, just borrow an outfit from them. Go dig through their wardrobe or shop online it's DRESS UP TIME! ╪What is the bare minimum? If you are considering a bare minimum, you are missing the point of our party. Try to go as crazy as possible. It will make sense after you get to the party. Guys who are first-timers tend to have more trouble playing our game and adhering to the dress code for some reason. If you are a guy, pick up a pair of black vinyl pants and wear a fishnet shirt with some boots and you should get in no problem. If possible, you should really try to push the envelope and dress much more over-the-top than this, just make sure to cover your genitals.The wilder you dress the better, and once you are inside the party you will understand why. A good guideline is to dress as over the top as possible - wild colors, shiny material, colorful makeup, wild hair, big boots, etc. ╪What sort of things are not allowed? Jeans, regular club wear, white sneakers/tennis shoes and all-black street wear, ultra-formal (tuxedo) or sloppy efforts that aren't fetish are NOT allowed. FETISH ONLY! ╪What if I don't want to dress up? You won't get in. Even if you purchased a ticket in advance, you still have to dress the part to get in the door. Our people at the door will tell you to go home and try again. Get dressed up and have fun with it. This is important. Our dress code wasn't developed to frustrate you, it is intended to inspire you to be as creative and sexy as possible. ╪Is nudity allowed? No. The nightclub does not have a license for nudity. Our security guards patrol the club to make sure that there is no nudity. Men & women’s genital regions must be covered but bare breasts are allowed. ╪Disabled and Wheelchair Access: While we encourage the attendance of all groups, it must be pointed out that many hospitality venues do not provide full access facilities. "This venue is not wheelchair accessible" STAY KINKY!

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