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Monday 9 December 2019 8:30 AM - Monday 9 December 2019 4:30 PM

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This advanced Visual Basic 2010 course focuses on solving real-world problems, and not just ploughing through endless theoretical programming concepts. The course is ideal for two types of person:

  • If you have a background in VBA or VB6 and are now having (or choosing!) to learn how to program in .NET, the course is perfect. It assumes that you know the basics (creating subroutines, using variables, etc), and concentrates on how to link to databases (using LINQ), and above all on how to create and use classes in Visual Basic.
  • If on the other hand you have attended an introduction to ASP.NET, Windows Forms or WPF forms course with Wise Owl (or with any other company), this course is also ideal The course concentrates on how to program in Visual Basic, with less emphasis on building a user interface for your system and more on the nuts and bolts of programming.

The course uses Visual Studio 2010 as its development environment and WPF forms as the user interface, with SQL Server as the underlying database. Note that Wise Owl also run a sister course for advanced C# programming.

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