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Tickets at : http://shortinchicago.eventbrite.com/ Welcome back and thank you for making our January show a success. We are here again with more entertainment for you in February. We have 5 films this month but only 1 screening at 7pm, followed by Q & A with filmmakers and then networking time in the lobby and restaurant till it closes. You can start coming in as early as 6pm. * Your ticket price includes all applicable fees and is flat $10 per ticket. * PARKING IS FREE. Get your ticket validated at the machine in the lobby. * Show will start strictly at 7pm, so please arrive early. The line up for 28th February is : 1.) A WISH YOUR HEART MAKES - Banker Pony Pictures/ Relentless Filmworks Little Rose has been kidnapped and is abused by her kidnapper. The audience lives the story through Little Rose’s imagination and witnesses her dream sequences from her present life experiences to portray what she would be brave enough to do in order to escape the abuse. This film is about a little girl's secret wish when a wish is all she has. No matter how her heart was grieving, she kept on believing her dream would come true. Directed by : Troy Price Starring : Julianna Damm, Kristin Broadwell, Barret Walz, H.B. Ward Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/AWishYourHeartMakesMovie Trailer : http://vimeo.com/37323098 2.) ONLY THUNDER – Quiet Giant Production During one stormy night, a mysterious woman pays a visit to a respected small town sheriff, where she confronts him with the knowledge of a secret he’s kept for seven years. Directed by : Chris Ramirez Starring : Walt Sloan, Katie Killacky and Blake Buczkiewicz Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/OnlyThunder Trailer : http://vimeo.com/37821023 3.) THE APARTMENT AT NIGHT – Peter Campbell Films The story of a hitman and the man he kills, and the conversation that occurs when the hit doesn't happen quite as quickly as expected. Directed by : Peter Campbell Starring : Jay Disney and Zach Bernardoni Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PeterCampbellFilms Trailer : http://vimeo.com/58949632 4.) HANGERS - Glass City Films and Beasts! Productions Gabriel, a young wisecrack wages a battle against the ghost of his new apartment's former tenant. When it becomes clear that all the ghost wants is to see the former love of his life, Kate, one last time, Gabriel vows to help him -or it- move on. Directed by : Blake Clouser Starring : Bryce Wissel, Adam Shalzi and Rachel Crouch. Website : http://www.glasscityfilms.com/films.php Trailer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYcBrMQE9I4 5.) LEFT ALONE - Dark Yard Films Ian is a Chicago cab driver searching for someone who will listen. As he grieves the death of his son, Ian is compelled to reach out to the strangers he encounters one night on the job. Based on the Anton Chekhov short story Misery, 'Left Alone' is an award winning short film that explores our need for compassionate listening when we're in pain, and the obstacles we face in that pursuit. Directed by : Seth Boggess Starring : Paul Noble, Michael Pogue, Natasha Warloe, Dave Goss, Matthew E. Parker, Christopher B. B. Warloe, Stephen Louis Grush, Eamonn McDonagh and Cheryl Roy. Website : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Left-Alone/118800988170928?ref=sgm Trailer : http://vimeo.com/14374319

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