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Saturday 17 December 2016 10:0 PM
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335 W Main St
North Carolina , United States
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How much does it cost to go on Akua Allrich: 10:00PM SHOW?

Beyu Caffe in Durham is one of the top concert destinations in the country, with a wide variety of venues and performances. Fans of all types are able to find a price point they’re comfortable with.

How long does a Akua Allrich: 10:00PM SHOW last?

Two hours. Concerts are typically two hours long, with a twenty-minute intermission. Start times for special events vary.

When will Akua Allrich: 10:00PM SHOW

the date and time are shown at the beginning of the page. you will be able to enter the Beyu Caffe - 2016-12-17

Where will the Akua Allrich: 10:00PM SHOW take place?

Akua Allrich: 10:00PM SHOW is appointed in a great place to theBeyu Caffe. About which we can learn more in wikipedia Beyu Caffe on wiki.
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FAQs I can’t buy tickets. Is there something wrong with your website? I see no Buy buttons… The Beyu Caffe ticketing website only works with recent and secure browsers. If you are using an old version of Internet Explorer 6,7, or 8, you will not be able to buy tickets. These browsers are not secure and do not work with the latest web standards and technologies. If you still have IE 6,7 or 8 we strongly advise you to update immediately. Please use this link. Eventbrite works great in IE 10 and 11, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.   My tickets didn't print. How can I go back and print them? To print your tickets, please log in to your Eventbrite account. Your account homepage will show you any shows to which you have purchased tickets. Click on the event you need to print tickets for. You will see a large button on the left hand side that says print tickets.   Do I need a special printer or software to print tickets? You need a printer connected to your network or computer. Any ink-jet or laser printer (color or black & white) with a resolution of 300 dpi or more is capable of printing out Beyu Caffe tickets. Use 8.5 x 11 white paper for best results. You will also need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.   What if I don't have a printer? Beyu Caffe will let you show your tickets on your smart phone or scan them from your smart phone. After buying a ticket, choose the mobile phone delivery option or email the tickets to your phone. If you don't have a printer or a smart phone, please write down your confirmation number and present that to the venue. Venues have access to all ticket buyers for a given event.   I bought 4 tickets and when I opened the file only one ticket appeared. Where are the other tickets? The first ticket will show on your screen however there are 3 others in the file that will appear if you scroll down the page. In addition, Adobe Acrobat Reader has a page count display at the top and it will show you that you are viewing one ticket out of 4 (1/4). When you click the print button all 4 tickets will print. Make sure you choose the option Print All. When you arrive please have your tickets ready to present. Please do not fold your tickets over the bar-coded areas.   After entering my credit card information, I keep getting an error when trying to buy. What can I do? More than likely the address you entered did not match the address on file with your bank's/card issuer's authorization system. If you recently moved, try your old address or call your bank to see which address they have on file. Please note: every time you go through the buy process, your bank temporarily places a hold on the funds. The holds typically get removed from your account in about a week. The length of time the funds are placed on hold is solely determined by your bank or card issuer and not by Beyu Caffe. You are not being charged by Beyu Caffe since no order was actually placed. It is best practice to verify your address with your card issuer before making another attempt to purchase tickets or try a different credit card.   I only see one ticket for sale. Do I have to buy one ticket at a time? Beyu Caffe allows you to buy up to 10 tickets at one time. If one ticket only is available, that means there is only one ticket left. If you need more than 10 tickets, you will need to do two purchases. We recommend doing this one immediately after another in order to have the best possible chance of purchasing seats next to each other. I want to sit with another party. How to I ensure I can do this? The only way to guarantee that you are able to sit with other guests is to purchase the tickets as one big block. If this is not possible, please coordinate with your guests to find out what seats they chose. Once you have this information, you can purchase your tickets at any remaining seats available and close to them. Unfortunately, Beyu Caffe is unable to move your seats once they are purchased to accommodate large parties who purchased individually. I only need one seat but all I see available is a table for four. Please, go ahead and buy your seat. We pride ourselves on being the ultimate community gathering place. One way this happens is by fostering relationships. Please know that those seats will be available to other guests such as yourselves who only need one seat. Can I buy tickets for someone else? Yes you can. After buying, you can forward the ticket by email to the person you want to attend and that person can then print the ticket and use it. When follow the instructions to print your tickets (found above). Rather than printing, use the edit button found at the top right corner of the ticket. This will allow you to make changes to the contact information for the ticket and email it to your guest. Can I change the date or time of the show I bought tickets for? If you mistakenly chose the wrong date or time for an event and want to change your ticket, please send a requested by going to the Contact Organizer button that is found on your ticket page. Beyu Caffe will honor your request if there is availability and if your purchase was made within 24 hours of your request. Please include with your request the desired show date and time. Outside of this 24 hour window, all ticket sales are final and non-refundable unless the Caffe cancels the show do to an act of nature beyond our control.   What Else You Should Know: Beyu Caffe is a listening club. Please keep voices to a whisper and conversations to a minimum during the performance. All of our seating is accessible, with the exception of bar seating, and on street level. If you have concerns about seating for disabilities, please use the Contact Organizer button on your Eventbrite ticket purchase. Someone on the management team will reach out to you as quickly as possible to address your questions. There is no official dress code at Beyu Caffe. Most dress in a business casual style.

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