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101%PANTERA are a tribute act currently on tour in the uk to great acclaim. .. Formed in late April 2007, and on the road by the end of June the same year, the band graduated quickly to the larger rock and metal venues and have built a large following through relentless gigging... 101%Pantera are dedicated to reproducing the live energy of a Pantera show to its fullest, and many fans are describing them as the best Pantera tribute act in the world... The band is THE ONLY Pantera tribute act endorsed and supported by DEAN GUITARS. They were even invited to perform for Dean Guitars at the Dean Owners annual event (DOAUK). They have also featured in Total Guitar magazine in relation to these events... The band comprises pro musicians playing in bands such as Ted Maul, Voodoo Six, The Defiled and 616 - make no mistake, the technical brilliance of this band is second to none. .. So if you are a fan of Pantera, and possibly never had the chance to catch them live, check out a 101%Pantera show and join in the celebration of the giants of metal and the late, great Dimebag Darrel .. Boris Le Gal is CHUCK BORIS! A French Drum Machine from the depths of grooving hell. Also seen with NeonFly you do NOT wanna F**K with this dude! Don't spit on his cymbals and when asked if he smokes, the answer is always....., guess you'll have to find out for yaself! Patrick Reily is 'Paddy Anslemo', an irish street brawler who prowls the stage with the controlled aggression of the real Anselmo. There isn't a microphone on the market strong enough to withstand a pat pounding. Psycho. Dylan Cooper is 'Rex HashBrown'. A lean mean bass playing machine just like the original Pantera bass player. Dylan is also a proficient guitarist and producer. Chris Jones is 'Hooverbag Darrel'. With performances described as 'flawless' and 'astounding', Chris has gathered a reputation as the best Dimebag impersonator on the planet. He has appeared on Guitarmaggeddon, a Total Rock Radio show magazine, as an expert in Dimebag's playing style. Cocky twat!

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Tour Dates:
2017-09-15 (Ended)101% Pantera + Megadeth UKThe Fleece
Bristol Bristol, City of , United Kingdom
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2018-08-11 (Ended)101% PanteraThe Fleece
Bristol Bristol, City of , United Kingdom
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