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Affiance is a metal band ferociously fighting to get their voice heard, literally. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, the band has managed to bring melodic singing back to heavy music. Their unique sound combines rhythm driven metalcore and harmonized leads to create a powerful and epic sound. With a foundation like that, the strong and melodic voice of Dennis Tvrdik completes the band’s stand out sound. The band has been through some tough times trying to find the five guys who would make up what is the lineup today. Over the band’s two year history they have changed their sound from a post-hardcore/rock to what it is today. “It took us some time to figure out our niche,” says singer Dennis Tvrdik. “With all the member changes and different influences, after a while we were able to nail down exactly what we wanted: melodic metal.” Even though the band could not play shows due to member issues, they still found ways to get their name out. They followed close to 30 dates of the Vans Warped Tour this summer selling 2,231 promo cds. Along with almost 25,000 promotional fliers, it was all a push for their upcoming debut album expected to be released in late fall. Now with a solid lineup, a full length album in the works and thousands of fans across the nation waiting to see them perform live, these five guys are marching forward with no hesitation. Affiance is determined and has what it takes to leave their mark in heavy music today, with or without a label.

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All the latest Affiance events can be found in search or see on the wikipedia page. Affiance on wiki. Or look at the Youtube Affiance on Youtube

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Tour Dates:
2016-12-18 (Ended)I Prevail with Sleepwave, Hotel Books, Bad Seed Rising and AffianceThe Crofoot
Pontiac Michigan , United States
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2017-05-11 (Ended)Affiance, ConvictionsWhisky A Go-Go
West Hollywood California , United States
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2017-05-17 (Ended)AffianceLo-Fi Cafe
Salt Lake City Utah , United States
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2017-05-26 (Ended)affianceCoalition
Toronto Ontario , Canada
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2017-06-11 (Ended)AFFIANCE, CONVICTIONSWhisky A Go-Go
West Hollywood California , United States
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