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In today’s music market, it takes a truly unique voice to command the attention of listeners. Chicago native, Andrew Ripp, invokes both vulnerability and soul in his infectious debut, Fifty Miles to Chicago.

Ripp aimed to create an organic album reminiscent of those made in the 70’s and by artists like Otis Redding, Bob Dylan, and Hank Williams. Musicians Pete Maloney (Dishwalla, Tonic), keyboard player Will Hollis (Eagles), and steel guitar player Eric Heywood (Ray LaMontagne) were brought in to help create a timeless record based around Ripp’s rhythmic guitar playing and soulful voice. From the electricity of the full-band backed, organ-driven groove of “Get Your Smile On”, to the solo acoustic guitar and vocals of “It’s All Good”, and the heart-wrenching rock ballad of “Dresden Wine”, Ripp does just that.

Operating independently of a label, Ripp has attracted rave reviews from fans and fellow musicians, including Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello who describes Ripp’s vocal style in his blog as a “mix between Ray LaMontagne and someone else I can’t quite put my finger on…”

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Tour Dates:
2016-12-07 (Ended)An Evening with Andrew Ripp with Special Guest Lou RuizSquare Room
Knoxville Tennessee , United States
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2016-12-20 (Ended)Andrew RippCity Winery
Chicago Illinois , United States
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2017-12-07 (Ended)Andrew Ripp with Austin PlaineSPACE
Evanston Illinois , United States
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2017-12-22 (Ended)Andrew Ripp - GuestLincoln Hall
Chicago Illinois , United States
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2019-11-23 (Ended)Andrew RippEvanston SPACE
Evanston Illinois , United States
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