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It's always the fearless who are destined to make the biggest impact on the world. Those willing to make confetti from the rule book, to ignore the conventional wisdom of industry and listen to everything their gut instinct is telling them, they're the ones who will push things forward and make life exciting, be they artists, authors, scientists, explorers, or musicians. They may not follow the easiest path, but it's sure as hell a more interesting view along the way. This is where Biffy Clyro come in - usually from a hidden door you didn't even realise existed.

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Concerts & Tour Dates

Tour Dates:
2016-12-06 (Ended)Biffy Clyro + special guests Brand NewMotorpoint Arena Cardiff
Cardiff Cardiff , United Kingdom
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2017-01-25 (Ended)Biffy Clyro BarcelonaSant Jordi Club
, Spain
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2017-01-29 (Ended)BIFFY CLYROLe Bikini
Ramonville-Saint-Agne Midi-Pyrenees , France
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2017-01-30 (Ended)Biffy Clyro ParisOlympia Hall (L'Olympia)
, France
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2017-02-05 (Ended)Biffy ClyroAtlantico
Rome Roma , Italy
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External Comments:
steff_massacre These dudes were sick when I saw them a while back and the fact they are going to play in bamboozle is pretty damn sick! I can not wait to see them!x333
2011-03-18 21:39:10

Poala Please, come to Brazil!!
2010-12-13 13:55:22

ImIndieXD You guys are Awsome,You have to come to Israel,i'll make sure that your fan's will come...
2007-12-05 23:18:53