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From a city named after a mythical creature - known for its invincibility against competition and for its rise among ruin, Phoenix proves itself time and again to be a city on the rise- producing notable band after band. There can be no better representation then blessthefall. In addition to their staggering live performances, blessthefall have quickly become known for their uninhibited personalities and eccentricities, including a love for llamas, hot tamales, and the Top Gun soundtrack. They also carry certain advantages - as they are younger, yet equally as capable as their more established counterparts. A five-piece that dug its heels into the dry desert sands and refused to relent, blessthefall planted themselves amid the chaos of competition in January of 2004. Drummer Matt and guitarist Mike formed a band with sweeping dreams and untainted visions. Early on, with friends playing as interim members, the band gained regional recognition by winning local battle-of-the-bands contests, spurring them to continue forming the enterprise, despite the member changes that young bands typically face. Temporarily secure in their line-up (with Craig's vocals and Jared on bass) they spent the next year focused on evolving as musicians and refining their sound. Though they drew from bands like Underoath, Alexisonfire, and As I Lay Dying, aspects of pop, hip-hop, rap, and even R&B surfaced in their songs - if not through Craig's vocal reach, then through the beats and rhythms that surfaced in their music. Being one of the youngest bands in the area, blessthefall were added to bills with other notable local artists such as Greeley Estates and Scary Kids Scaring Kids. In August of 2005 they recorded their self-titled 3 song EP which enhancing their growing reputation. By October the line up was complete when Eric was added on guitar, complementing the band's progressing sound. As the older bands were away from Phoenix touring and recording, blessthefall took advantage of the musical drought the Valley was in. They confirmed their capabilities by selling out show after show at the local venues. Ultimately, they were responsible for shutting down Neckbeard's (a well-known local venue) in January 2006. Doors were permanently closed after the employees failed to maintain capacity due to the hundreds of kids outside trying to force their way into an already sold-out show where blessthefall was headlining. They continued to share the stage with other established artists, often drawing a bigger crowd then those more reputed. You can catch them on the entire 2007 Vans Warped Tour on the Smartpunk Stage. Their debut full length His Last Walk will be released on Science Records on April 10th, 2007.

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Tour Dates:
2017-03-07 (Ended)Memphis May Fire, Blessthefall, the Color Morale, Sylar, Bad Seed RisiThe Bourbon Theatre
Lincoln Nebraska , United States
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2017-03-09 (Ended)Memphis May FireThe Rave Eagles Ballroom
Milwaukee Wisconsin , United States
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2017-03-15 (Ended)MEMPHIS MAY FIREEmporium
Patchogue New York , United States
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2017-03-16 (Ended)Memphis May Fire with blessthefall, The Color Morale, Sylar, Bad SeedFête Ballroom
Providence Rhode Island , United States
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2017-03-17 (Ended)Memphis May FireChameleon Club
Lancaster Pennsylvania , United States
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luvya1974 chicago ILLINOIS!!!!!!!!!!
2011-05-17 16:37:31

blessthefall94 Come to fresno guys hella rock and a lot of people here want to see you guys live
2011-02-27 23:19:35

xxretrokidxx come to fresno california <333
2011-01-28 07:25:27

lacopurple Come to pheonix arizona!
2010-09-02 15:23:43

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2010-08-17 12:10:44

mechatanner ignore that girl down there! No CRAIG!!! bad. you guys are fuckin BA
2010-08-03 11:21:41

xChrisx17 u guys should come to Hampton VA.
2010-07-23 12:43:56

theblessing1 need to come to new york!!!!
2010-07-20 14:25:39