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Although he doesn't use the word himself, French house superstar Bob Sinclar (or Christophe Le Friant as his folks decreed it) is a bit of a hippy. Speaking from Jamaica, where he's recording a new album with reggae production legends Sly and Robbie, his conversation is littered with multiple references to spirituality, while his general outlook on life is best summed up as an interpretation on peace, love and unity. "Every day is a highlight for me," he explains, exuding hippyness by the basket full. "I started doing this in 1993 and never felt it would come to this, where my music is available all over the world." The man who first rose to notoriety in the late-'90s with his 'Gymtonic' filtered disco 'French touch' monster, along with one Thomas Bangalter, has developed and diversified throughout this decade, putting paid to the one-time accusations of him being a bandwagon jumper. Hence 'Made In Jamaica', his forthcoming album with Sly and Robbie, where 12 of his songs - including two new ones - will be reinterpreted in an inimitable Jamaican style. Is the loveable Sinclar excited? You bet he is. "I love this country," he screams. "It gives me spirituality."

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Tour Dates:
2016-12-30 (Ended)International Sightseeing CruiseRevolver Lounge
Scottsdale Arizona , United States
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Brive-la-Gaillarde Limousin , France
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2017-08-17 (Ended)BOB SINCLARCastello di Donna Fugata
Ragusa Abruzzi , Italy
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2017-08-18 (Ended)BOB Sinclar, AlbertinoCave Gallipoli
Gallipoli Abruzzi , Italy
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2018-02-12 (Ended)Bob SinclarParador 12
Florianópolis Santa Catarina , Brazil
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