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Boris is a band of Japanese heavy rockers in the vein of Melvins . They debuted with Absolutego (Fangs Anal Satan, 1996 - Southern Lord, 2004), which contains one 65-minute piece of lengthy, obscure and extremely dense drones, a close relative of Sleep, straddling the line between psychedelic rock and heavy metal. After the split album Boris/Abones (Fangs Anal Satan, 1997) and Black - Implication Flooding (Inoxia, 1998), a collaboration with Keiji Haino (on guitar, vocals, "wave drum", "electronic sruthibox", "ethnic oboe"), they released another terrifying monolith, Amplifier Worship (Mangrove, 1998 - Southern Lord, 2003), grounded in heavy grooves and wah-wah distortion. Two long Boris tracks also appear on the split album with Choukoku no Niwa More Echoes Touching Air Landscape (Inoxia, 1999). The semi-acoustic Flood (MIDI Creative, 2001), a 70-minute piece, was almost new-age music for their standards. With Heavy Rocks (Fangs Anal Satan, 2002) they mostly abandoned the Melvins' super-doom metal (Heavy Friends is the notable exception) and embraced "stoner rock" (Soft Edge, Death Valley) with many references to American garage-rock of the 1960s (1970, Korosu, Dyna-Soar, Rattlesnake). Megatone (Inoxia, 2002) is a doom/ambient collaboration with Merzbow's Masami Akita, and one of their most intimidating works. The six song mini-album Akuma No Uta (DIW Phalanx, 2003) features the ebullient title-track. Boris At Last - Feedbacker (DIW Phalanx, 2004 - Conspiracy, 2005) is a five-movement symphony that oscillates from dark to gentle to manic to ethereal. The mood excursion is evoked by extreme instrumental gestures. The focus is more on texture than on atmosphere. The EP The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked (Kult Of Nihilow, 2004) and single A Bao A Qu (SuperFi, 2005) offered more soothing droning dirges. The movie soundtrack Mabuta No Ura (Catune, 2005) is Boris' lightest offering yet. With the exception of a reprise of the single A Bao A Qu, the tracks are relatively harmless sonic meditations that exude a sense of peace rather than the usual stench of hell. Pink (DIWPhalanx, 2005) sounds like their garage-rock album, rough and hysterical where previous ones were monster tidal waves of dark sound. Sun Baked Snow Cave (Hydra Head, 2005) is a collaboration with Merzbow, that repeats the monolith of fear that was Megatone. 04092001 (Inoxia, 2005) is another collaboration between the two, but the sound is much more lively, a sort of psychedelic freak-out.

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Tour Dates:
2016-12-08 (Ended)BorisThe Palms Nightclub
Stamford Connecticut , United States
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2016-12-11 (Ended)Incubate: Boris + Year of No Light + Thaw013
Tilburg Noord-Brabant , Netherlands The
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2016-12-18 (Ended)BORISBrudenell Social Club
Leeds West Yorkshire , United Kingdom
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2016-12-20 (Ended)BORISFuzz Club
Athens Attiki , Greece
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2016-12-23 (Ended)EN NOIR with BORIS & COCODRILLS (PATIO)Heart Nightclub
Miami Florida , United States
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