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I hate writing these fucking things. It's like staring into a mirror with a magnifying glass and analyzing the upside-down distorted reflection. Everything comes out stiff, factual and boring 'cause I feel stupid presenting myself, like it aint my place. I hate being a salesman, and that's how I feel when I write my life story. Nobody's more valuable than anybody else, and everybody's got some different skill - my thing was guitar. So what. I always played guitar because it was my medication. It gave me peace, sanity, stability, focus, distraction, ventilation, a purpose, goals, identity, and a way to communicate 'cause I was too shy to speak. But that doesn't define me, and I'll never feel like it's a big enough reason to write some written dedication to myself. I just always loved music, like everyone else, and guitar was my instrument.

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Tour Dates:
2017-10-19 (Ended)BumblefootWhisky A Go-Go
West Hollywood California , United States
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2017-10-20 (Ended)Bumblefoot / Big Tooth Comb / RDGThe Merrow
San Diego California , United States
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2017-12-15 (Ended)BumblefootTop Fuel Saloon
Braidwood Illinois , United States
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2017-12-21 (Ended)BumblefootTrees
Dallas Texas , United States
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2017-12-30 (Ended)BumblefootEl Corazon
Seattle Washington , United States
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