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Cat Power is the stage name of American singer/songwriter Charlyn "Chan" Marshall (born Charlyn Marie Marshall, January 21, 1972), known for her minimalist (and often pastoral) music, sparse guitar and piano playing and ethereal, Southern-styled vocals. She is often accompanied by backing musicians on record and in concert.

From Matador Records' description::
"Chan Marshall stops time. She sits at a piano or lays her guitar across her lap, and whether it’s a noisy club overflowing with drunks or a coffee house full of laptoppers, Chan Marshall draws all the attention in the room and makes the world stop spinning. As Cat Power, Marshall’s music seems to rise from nowhere, envelop the room, then vanish; listeners know they’ve been hit by something but they’re not sure what."

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Concerts & Tour Dates

Tour Dates:
2017-02-23 (Ended)Cat Power (US)Niceto Club
Buenos Aires Capital federal , Argentina
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2017-03-05 (Ended)Sticky Fingers - Bootleg RascalThe Basement
Columbus Ohio , United States
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2017-03-11 (Ended)Cat PowerIslington Assembly Hall
Islington Islington , United Kingdom
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2017-03-12 (Ended)Cat PowerIslington Assembly Hall
Islington Islington , United Kingdom
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2017-03-14 (Ended)Cat PowerConcorde 2
Brighton Brighton and Hove , United Kingdom
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