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.. ....DakhaBrakha.. - ethno-chaos group in brief...... ..The world of unexpected, intimate and new music....... ..Ethnos + chaos = the combination of two fundamental substances, create the world of music in a variety of native melodies, rythmos..... The name is original, outstanding and authentic at the same time. DakhaBrakha means “give/take” in the old Ukrainian language... The meaning of “giving” is obvious - to give music, joy, celebration, the whole spectrum of emotions, feelings and reflections that fresh music and singing bring with itself. But where “to take” from? The energy can be taken not only from a native “source” but from anywhere... Modern ethnic music needs a sort of reconstruction and in a way it means to search roots, to move back in time. But if one belongs to the urban culture and has no initial experience of the traditional life, how can he find these roots? This “authentic music” will turn out to be artificial because it is an imitation only. Ukrainians still have no developed “urban folk” music, so called "world music". It depends on specific social and cultural development. So, now the vital decision is to make a step forward with the help of inner inspiration and fantasy: you hear an impulse and then create a new world based on deep cultural roots rather than the superficial forms of the culture. This is what the Ukrainian song is – vanguard and sacred at the same time. In Ukrainian authentic “symphony” one can hear the European and Oriental motives or the Christian and Moslem ones. Thus, the sound combines eastern-European perception with Asian and African rhythms. .. DakhaBrakha was created in 2004 at the Kyiv Center of Contemporary Art “DAKH” by the avant-garde theatre director – Vladyslav Troitskiy. Theatre work has left its mark on the band performances – their shows have never been staged without the scenic effects... Having experimented with Ukrainian folk music, the band has added rhythms of the surrounding world into their music, thus creating bright, unique and unforgettable image of DakhaBrakha. .. Ukrainian folk music and songs will surely benefit from the overtones of another music, cultures and styles. It will help to open up the potential of Ukrainian melodies and to bring it to the hearts and consciousness of the younger generation in Ukraine and the rest of the world as well. .. Vlad felt that Ukrainian folk music would benefit from the overtones of another music, cultures and styles and so he brought together some of the finest musicians he knew. Experimenting with Ukranian folk music they introduced other rhythms from around the world to create the intense, moving and melancholic sound that is DakhaBrakha.... ....DakhaBrakha.. – the band members .. ..Vladyslav Troitskyi – author and creator of the project, Artistic Director ...... The Artistic Director and Producer - Vladyslav Troitskyi calls himself the producer of a “radical montage”. It means that in his artistic work he prefers to combine things that usually doesn't go together. He is sure that Ukrainian folk music and songs will benefit from overtones of another music, cultures and styles. He believes it will help to open up the rich inner potential of Ukrainian melodies and to bring it to the hearts and consciousness of young generation in Ukraine and in the rest of the world as well. Producer – created the band in 2004 at the Centre of Contemporary Art “DAKH”. He considers his main task to be provoking a talented person to open up and to develop himself... As well as performing gigs as a band in their own right they are also the 'house' band for the ..Dakh Theatre company ... Dakh Theatre is known throughout Europe as one of the leading production houses of avant-garde theatre combining live music from DakhaBrakha with theatre and dance to create some intense productions. Their series of Shakespeare interpretations has brought them to many of Europe's leading venues including ..London's Barbican .. in January 2007. .... The group presents three albums. The first consert album .."Na dobranich"...... .............. The record is made at a concert at DAKH Theatre 30.12.2005 by "Guta Records" studio Financial support: PRO HELVETIA-UKRAINE Fundation.... The first studio CD ethno-chaos band DakhaBrakha .."YAHUDKY"...... .............. The record is made at a "Guta Records" studio at June 2007.... The second studio album .."Na mezhi"...... .............. The record is made at a "Guta Records" studio at 2008........ DaкhaBraкha - ..Мoolamantra.. (Valta & Minikin RMX) ....here............ .. .. Read all about DakhaBrakha's performance at the Shesory festival in the Ukraine on the Observer Monthly Music blog.. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ...... .. .. .. .. .. .. ......Gogolevo.. from ..Stefan.. on ..Vimeo.....

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2016-12-02 (Ended)DAKHABRAKHALe Rocher de Palmer
Fenouillet Languedoc-Roussillon , France
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2017-01-21 (Ended)DAKHABRAKHAPaard Van Troje
, Netherlands The
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2017-03-11 (Ended)Roots + Wires Presents...DakhaBrakhaTaos Mesa Brewery
El Prado New Mexico , United States
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2017-03-31 (Ended)DakhaBrakhaOld Town School of Folk Music
Chicago Illinois , United States
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2017-04-10 (Ended)DakhaBrakhaHigher Ground
South Burlington Vermont , United States
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