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hello again - .. i've been snoopin' around other folks pages and i just figured out that this block of space is where you're supposed to tell folks who and what you are and have been or want to be. .. ok then - my name is dan baird and i've been fortunate enough to have made my living with music. played a bunch around my hometown of atlanta in my younger days and got the brass ring with the georgia satellites (you can read all about that somewhere else, i can't type that long, but it was a real good band for quite a while, and still may be). we played together for 10 years and i up and left for a solo gig (can't quit that one) that i was still at until this last year, when i threw in with keith christopher, mauro magellan and warner hodges. .. going back and forth on the name of the combo and decided on dan baird and homemade sin. might sell another 30 cds with my name up front. .. also trying to help people and bands make records. i'll wait and call it producing when the massive 6 figure advance checks come rolling in. same gig, different address, if ya know what i mean. but i sure do like doin' it. .. i am also a yayhoo of the yayhoos. really fun band with keith again and my amigos terry anderson and eric ambel. yayhoos.com will fill y'all in on that thang and that's a good thang. .. anyway that's the public side of me. the private side loves my wife, my friends, free on line poker, the braves, home life, great music and movies, dogs, the titans, good italian food, denmark in general, captian crunch late at night, this little place in switzerland where the light.................. i'm like everybody else, just louder. .. i'll try this blog option i've heard so much about to give y'all the recording's details .. yap at ya soon db .. ...... .. .. .. ...................... .. ...... .. .. .. .. ...................... .. ....

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Tour Dates:
2017-03-24 (Ended)Dan Baird and Homemade SinBeachland Ballroom & Tavern
Cleveland Ohio , United States
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2017-04-13 (Ended)DAN BAIRD & HOMEMADE SIN (USA)The Corner
Melbourne Victoria , Australia
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2017-11-09 (Ended)Dan Baird and Homemade SinO2 ABC Glasgow
Glasgow Glasgow City , United Kingdom
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2018-05-22 (Ended)Dan Baird & The Homemade SinHull
Great Grimsby North East Lincolnshire , United Kingdom
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2018-06-02 (Ended)Dan Baird & The Homemade SinSouthend Chinnerys
, United Kingdom
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