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A strong steady thumb on an old Gibson guitar is the driving force behind Danielle Miraglia's delta blues influenced guitar style. Add a raw, powerful, whiskey tinged voice and one might be tempted to label her a blues artist. But while Miraglia's style pays homage to these blues traditions, her classic rock verve, catchy melodies and eclectic array of song subjects that range from deeply personal to socially relevant give it an original twist that is all her own. A fresh sound along with a sharp wit and a captivating stage presence is gaining her fans all over the map.\n\nIf you've got to go there to know there, then Miraglia has been there and back twice. The continually growing fan-base and attention she has received in a short time is a clear testament to her talent and growth as a writer and performer. With poignant themes that get under the listener's skin, she leaves music fans and critics alike yearning for more.

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