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The cell known as ‘Dead Earth Politics’ was established by three primary members: Mason ‘Chevo’ Evans (Drums), Ernie ‘Uno’ Clark (Guitar), and Will ‘Waffle’ Little (Bass). They later recruited vocalist Ven Scott to front their cause and experienced rapid growth almost immediately. After having made the appropriate contacts, the group recorded their rhetoric and propaganda, titling it ‘Mark the Resistance’. The spread of their message, or ‘Resistance’, was only further compounded when the Heavy Metal director of the largest Rock and Roll radio station in Texas offered to broadcast their message on his program, No Control (we are currently investigating his involvement). Please refer to ‘By Design’ in the attached Known Rhetoric sheet. In the extremely short time they have been active, their following has grown many fold. They gained the support of an operative local to Austin, Texas; an almost exclusive Heavy Metal promoter who right away began placing them on road shows with national and regional names. This is unacceptable. With the release of their C.D., the support they have gained from local enthusiasts (as well as respected professionals in both promotions and radio), and the subsequent infiltration of neighboring provinces, Dead Earth Politics is expanding their reach. This group is charismatic, their ‘lyrics’ are charged with an idea that change is imminent and they have all either been schooled or tutored by the likes of Iron Maiden, Lamb of God, Slayer, Morbid Angel, Mastodon as well as others. What makes this situation even more worrisome is their ability to carry on the tradition of tone and attack of their mentors. This memo is being sent to all district and local offices. Keep an eye out in your city or town. Your office will be updated as we gather more intelligence on the cell known as Dead Earth Politics.

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