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............ ...... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .................. ..Greetings all...I have news to tell everyone I am not pregnant. That was just a suit for the storyline of House of Payne. I am glad that it was convincing but I am not pregnant. Thank you all for all of your well wishes and your continued support. ....Check out my songs and give me some feedback. If I get enough feedback from you all I will post the full song and make it available to add to you pages! Tell me what you think! Love you all! .... Dee Dee :).. ..Demetria McKinney........The Newest Addition to the Quintuplet (5) Threat Club! .... Demetria "Dee Dee" McKinney is a river with many streams--(1) singer, (2)actress, (3) model, (4) songwriter, and (5) dancer. Whether she is acting on stage to a sold out audience or a featured soloist at a major event, Demetria continues to receive admiration with standing ovations from her performances. Due to the consistent display of her talents, she will certainly become one of tomorrow’s brightest and most sought after stars. .. .. Demetria attended college in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and has had extensive vocal training. She earned a leading role in Mark E. Swinton’s “U Don’t Know Me,” the musical which received superb reviews... .. Her accomplishments read as a finely detailed map headed toward her destiny and showing the broad spectrum of her abilities. Demetria has a rich history with screenplay- writer and director, Tyler Perry. Ms. McKinney’s list of accomplishments includes the role of “Janine” in Tyler Perry’s TV sitcom, "House of Payne". Dee Dee embraced a vital role in the nationally renowned stage play, "Meet the Browns". Her journey continued with Mr. Perry on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) in a televised play production entitled "Madea’s Christmas" which resulted in high ratings. In the DVD version of Tyler Perry’s "Why Did I Get Married", the starlet revived a significant role in the play. She also performed as the lead character "Brandy" in "Soul Kittens Cabaret". .. .. In April 2008, Ms. McKinney and Tyler Perry’s House of Payne was nominated for the 2008 Prism Award. Ms. McKinney was nominated for Performance in a Comedy Series and Tyler Perry’s House of Payne was nominated and won the Prism Award for Comedy Series Multi-Episode Storyline... .. Demetria McKinney is a radiant, beautiful, diverse talent that is surely on the rise! ..

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