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DETERMINED is driven by 4 individuals that live, breath , and bleed , the old school metal approach and are eager to get our message out to the people who are waiting for a rebirth of straight forward,uncompromising heavy metal. We pride ourselves on our hard work and dedication to creating and playing music. We are currently in the process of independently writing and recording our first demo and are ecstatic to finally get our music out to the public. Although we are yet to record in a studio we look to carve our path via Live show reputation, playing anywhere, anytime we are accepted. Our main objective is to generate a psychotic & melodic sound that people can understand and get into without losing the point. Instead of following what "others" are doing, we play what we feel and truly believe that honesty is the best policy. Taking in all the influences of honest no bull, types of music is what gives us the attitude and confidence that our brand of music will always be accepted and appreciated because it has stood the test of time. Our goal is to fly the Heavy Metal Flag high in the air for the next generation, who will turn their back on the "trend" and crave the truth. Let's hear it for "The next great Metal band to Take Over The World!!!

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All the latest Determined events can be found in search or see on the wikipedia page. Determined on wiki. Or look at the Youtube Determined on Youtube

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