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Eddie Izzard is a British stand-up comedian, transvestite, and actor. He has a very individual style of rambling, surreal monologue. He has turned his attention to acting as well as maintaining his demanding touring schedule. [from the Wikipedia article]

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Tour Dates:
2016-12-06 (Ended)EDDIE IZZARD - FORCE MAJEURE RELOADEDHarpa, Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre
Reykjavík Reykjavík , Iceland
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2016-12-15 (Ended)Eddie IzzardFort Smith Convention Center
Fort Smith Arkansas , United States
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2016-12-29 (Ended)Eddie IzzardWinStar World Casino & Resort
Thackerville Oklahoma , United States
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2017-02-22 (Ended)Eddie IzzardAcademic Community Hall, Hong Kong Baptist University
, Hong Kong S.A.R.
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2017-02-26 (Ended)Eddie Izzard - Force Majeure World Tour - Live in SingaporeTo be announced
, Singapore
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External Comments:
patimat2000 Eddie, Welcome to New York!
2011-04-12 07:58:31

trlore I love Eddie! I have started a campaign in my area to get him to come here.
2010-01-28 07:21:54

scottio good I like it
2008-08-04 11:21:42