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this page was created and is maintained with love and respect by ..meat douglas.... .... .. .... .. .. .... .. ..again, this is a FAN CREATED PAGE...... any and all comments consisting of shameless self promotion will be deleted, but please feel free to leave comments about how wonderful Edward is! .. .... .. .. "Edward Ka-Spel has built an international following with his dark, psychedelic-folk melodies and astute lyrics, first as the enigmatic and prolific founder/lead singer of London-cum-Netherlands-based band the Legendary Pink Dots and then as a solo recording artist and performer. Ka-Spel is widely regarded as a genius bordering on madness, which explains the frequent comparisons to Syd Barrett, the first singer of Pink Floyd. Since the Legendary Pink Dots' beginning in 1980, Ka-Spel has created an extensive personal mythology, like Current 93 or Psychic TV, and has created several ongoing narratives of love, chaos, destruction, and other darkly tinged topics in what might be a works-in-progress goth opera. Accordingly, he has taken on many pseudonyms such as the Prophet Qa'Sepel and D'Archangel, making his incredibly varied recording history even more difficult to map." section taken from......... ....Edward-Ka Spel Biography from allmusic.com.. .. .... .. .... please support Edward's music by checking out the links below..... ..Legendary Pink Dot's homepage.. .... ..Purchase Edward-Ka Spel releases from Beta-lactam Ring Records .. .... ...... Available now – an authorized lyric collection by Edward Ka-Spel, prolific vocal wizard of the Legendary Pink Dots and The Tear Garden. This illustrated book presents song lyrics selected from more than forty albums of Edward’s musical ventures – from 1980 to 2002.-..Love and Loud Colours.. .... ..Official Live Bootleg Archive.. .. .... .. ..

Concerts & Tour Dates

Tour Dates:
2017-05-17 (Ended)Amanda Palmer, Edward Ka-Spel (SOLD OUT)The Middle East
Cambridge Massachusetts , United States
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2017-05-20 (Ended)Amanda Palmer, Edward Ka-SpelThe Bowery Ballroom
New York New York , United States
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2017-05-21 (Ended)Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-SpelRough Trade NYC
Brooklyn New York , United States
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2017-05-24 (Ended)Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-SpelTroubadour
West Hollywood California , United States
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2017-05-31 (Ended)Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-SpelProxima
Warszawa Mazowieckie , Poland
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