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Greater Good made their debut in March 2006 at the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas. The band played 3 shows in one night drawing packed crowds of industry insiders and fans. With a set of only 5 songs, people were still drawn to the band from Dallas, Texas. The band is made up of singer J.R. Denson, organ and keyboard player Toby Pipes, guitarist’s Taylor Tatsch and Aaron Carder, bassist Nolan Thies, and drummer Cooper Heffley. The band was formed when singer J.R. Denson, left his previous band The Broadcast to form a band closer to his roots. Growing up on Motown and the Rolling Stones, Denson was looking to make people dance and sing along while writing timeless songs. After writing just three songs in 2004, a demo landed on the desk of Lizard King Records founder Martin Heath. An industry legend and fresh off his success with The Killers, Heath new this was special and signed the band to a deal immediately. J.R. Denson left Texas, and traveled for a year and half writing songs for the record. He traveled to London where he wrote and formed a great friendship with legendary songwriter Graham Gouldman. Gouldman wrote “For Your Love” by The Yardbirds, “Bus Stop” by the Hollies, and had several hits with his own band 10cc including “Im not in love” and “Dreadlock Holiday.” The two wrote several songs, which didn’t make the record, but learning from Gouldman was the most important part of this experience for Denson. He then traveled to San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and finally to New York where he caught up with producer/songwriter Adam Schlesinger from Fountains of Wayne. Schlesinger is the famed writer of “That Thing You Do” in which he was nominated for an Oscar, and international hit “Stacy’s Mom.” The two penned the first song on the record “Hey Mister” in a matter of a couple of hours from his Manhattan studio. Returning to Dallas, Denson put together a band of experienced musicians, engineers, and producers. Pipes, Tatsch, and Thies are all accomplished producers and engineers. On drums, Denson recruited friend and roommate Cooper Heffley who is one of the top studio drummers in Texas. As the final member to join the band, Aaron Carder brought the danger and experimental guitar lines that completed the lineup. The band worked up the songs from Denson’s travels as well as songs they had written together. In early 2007, the band entered Bass Propulsion Laboratories, a studio owned by Toby Pipes and his brother Todd. Produced by the Pipes brothers and the band themselves, Shake Till I Let You Go consists of eleven songs mixing influences such as Elvis Costello, The Clash, The Faces, Joe Jackson, Stone Roses, Motown, Gram Parsons, and American pop music. The record brings energetic dance tunes such as “Hey Mister”, “Just Got Robbed”, and “Dance Quickly” as well as an instant timeless sound from “ Love em and Leave em” and “Selfish Sun.” Another standout track is “Doing it Right” which brings in a bit of the Texas influence the band proudly embraces. The record was mixed and mastered by famed indie music producer/mixer Tony Lash. Lash has worked with Elliott Smith, The Dandy Warhols, and Death Cab For Cutie. “We wanted to make sure the record still felt like we got in a room and recorded it live, because that’s what we did. Tony was the natural choice, he knows how to elevate the songs through the mixes without taking the life away.” “ As a whole, the record is a bit hard to pin down. That’s the point though, we didn’t want to write the same song ten times. We worked this whole thing backwards, and made the record before we played the shows. I think we knew that if the songs were right, the live show would take care of itself. We didn’t want people to put us in a group of artists and leave us there. We felt it was important to consider all the things we listened to growing up, but have something new to offer. I think we have done that.” J.R. Denson Shake Till I Let You Go, the band’s debut on Lizard King Records/WMG, is due out April 2008. The band has announced a string of east coast dates along with a SXSW appearance in February and March of 2008. They are also expected to announce a tour in late April or early May to support the world-wide release.

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