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Bio: Irata is a Greensboro NC based band that formed in late 2006. The elements that make up the Irata sound are derived from a trio of musicians that bring together guitar, sax, bass, drums, percussion, and other electronic sounds to deliver something unique that breathes and flows without categorization. The musicians that make up the sounds come from various musical backgrounds but find themselves on the same island when it comes to working out the Irata formula. To date the band has enjoyed much success as a live touring act throughout the Southeast as well as numerous positive press and CD reviews. Irata is currently had at work on the follow up to their DYI self titled CD. We look forward to continuing our journey with those of you whom we've met and those whom we are about to meet.

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All the latest Irata events can be found in search or see on the wikipedia page. Irata on wiki. Or look at the Youtube Irata on Youtube

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Tour Dates:
2017-02-05 (Ended)Freedom Hawk and Irata at Rockhouse Bar & GrillRockHouse Bar & Grill
El Paso Texas , United States
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2017-02-07 (Ended)IRATA - LORD HOWLER • NEBULA DRAGSoda Bar
San Diego California , United States
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2017-02-09 (Ended)Irata with Freedom Hawk: Rock Show at Thee ParksideThee Parkside
San Francisco California , United States
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2017-03-11 (Ended)All Them Witches w/ IrataThe Sinclair
Cambridge Massachusetts , United States
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2017-03-16 (Ended)All Them Witches / IrataEmpty Bottle
Chicago Illinois , United States
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External Comments:
iratalive Hey guys, Thanks for your support. Our debut album was a huge success we hit college charts all over the us and Canada. Reaching as high a #4. We have a video due out by the end of the year and our second album is due out early next year. We have much work to do! Hope you enjoy and thanks for all your support
2008-09-25 13:53:24