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ISMAIL LUMANOVSKI - Clarinet, MACEDONIA .. Ismail Lumanovski was born in Bitola, Macedonia in the year 1984, and started playing the clarinet at the age of nine. He made his debut in 1998, with the Macedonian Philharmonic, and his U.S.A. debut in 2002 with the World Youth Symphony Orchestra at Interlochen Arts Camp. Mr. Lumanovski was the principal clarinetist with the World Youth Symphony Orchestra and a member of the High School Concert Orchestra at the Interlochen Summer Camp, a member of the Interlochen Arts Academy Band and Orchestra, and currently a member of the Juilliard Symphony Orchestra. He has won numerous competitions and awards, including first prize at the 23rd ,24th and 25th National Clarinet Competition in Macedonia, second prize at the International Competition in Bulgaria, first prize at the National Chamber Music Competition in Macedonia, second prize at the International Chamber Music Competition in Bulgaria. Mr. Lumanovski was a winner of the 1998 Folk Music Competition in Macedonia. In his Junior and Senior years at the Interlochen Arts Academy, Mr. Lumanovski was awarded with a Fine Arts award. Mr. Lumanovski has played numerous concerts in France, England, Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey and U.S.A. Mr. Lumanovski studied with Mr. Pande Tatarcevski, Mr. George Townsend, Dr. Nathan Williams.Currently, Mr. Lumanovski is a student at The Juilliard School where he studies with Mr. Charles Neidich. .. .. PANAGIOTIS ANDREOU - Bass, GREECE .. Panagiotis Andreou, a native of Athens, Greece, is a cross-cultural musician with 11 years experience as a bass player, 10 years of Baroque classical, Byzantine, and traditional Greek music studies, and advanced degrees in performance from Berklee College of Music and SUNY-Purchase. Over the last decade, he has had the opportunity to play an extensive array of world music, including afro-Caribbean, South American, Balkan, Turkish, Armenian, Western African, and Middle Eastern. His artistic journeys have taken him around the globe both musically and physically and seen him play with the likes of such prominent performers as Jason Linder, Ray Vega, Yanka Rupkina, Ivan Milev, Husnu Senledirici, Los Van Van, Isac Delgado, Pedro Martinez, Little Johnny Rivero, Alfredo de la Fe, Edmar astaneda, Marta Gomez, Sula da Silva, Laco Deczi, Bala Tounkara, Julio Nava, Lefteris Bournias, Cano Estremera, and Maelo Ruiz. Panagiotis is currently on tour with New York based latin-funk collective "Yerba Buena" and he is active in the New York music scene, where he has lived for the last four years. .. .. SEIDO SALIFOSKI - Darbuka, MACEDONIA .. A Roma born to a singer mother and a folk dancer father in Prilep, Macedonia, Seido has played darbuka/dumbek in Balkan and Middle Eastern style for 30 years. With his extensive experience playing Turkish, Greek, Balkan, and Middle Eastern percussion combined with flare of jazz from studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, his unique virtuosity has set him apart from the pack worldwide. After playing in the now-legendary Middle Eastern NYC nightclubs Ali Baba and Port Said, Seido developed and augmented the style of dumbek playing when he joined forces with Matt Dariau’s Paradox Trio, which spearheaded the downtown New York Balkan Jazz movement. Seido has played with such notable artists as Tarkan, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, and Ivo Papasov as well as Zlatne Uste, Yuri Yunakov, Hassn Isikkut, Anahid Sofian Dance Company, Ken Butler, Balkan Brothers (the collaboration with Ismail Butera) and Romski Boji. He teaches at Balkan and Turkish music/dance camps as well as privately offering full day workshops several times a year. .. .. JORDAN PERLSON - Drum, PHILADELPHIA .. "Zildjian Award" Berklee College of Music (presented to the best cymbal player) 2002 "Aerosmith Award" Berklee College of Music (presented to the student with the biggest lips) 2002 "Max Roach Award" Berklee College of Music (presented to student who best resembles Max Roach) 2003 Featured in Modern Drummer's "On the Move" article of the December 2002 issue 2nd place in Sabian/ProMark's Live Drum 'N' Bass drummer contest. .... TAMER PINARBASI - Kanun, Turkey .. Born in Karaman, Turkey in 1970, Tamer Pinarbasi attended the Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory of Turkish Music, where he developed his own technique for playing the kanun . Instead of using a misrab (plectrum) on each pointer finger, he plays with his fingernails, a technique which allows him to use all his fingers while playing. Combining this technique with his knowledge of the makam and western harmony, Mr. Pinarbasi has become one of the world's great kanun virtuosos. He has made numerous recordings in Turkey, and has performed solo concerts throughout Europe. He moved the the US in 1984 and resides, performs and teaches in New York City. .. .. Booking Information SERDAR ILHAN (Manager) Tel:917-498 8652 .... The young Macedonian / Turkish clarinet virtuoso Ismail Lumanovski follows up his unforgettable performance with the Clarinet All- Stars during the NY Gypsy Festival with another all-star session of jazz-inflected Turkish, Balkan and Mediterranean Romani (Gypsy) songs, The All-Stars showcases some of NY's finest musicians including Tamer Pinarbasi from Turkey on kunun, Panogiotis Andreu from Greece on bass; Seido Salifoski from Macedonia on percussion/darbouka and Jordan Person from Philadelphia on drums, who have performed with such world music icons as Turkish clarinet master Husnu Senendirici, and Bulgarian masters Ivo Popasov and Yuri Yanakov. The group is the brainchild of Serdar Ilhan, producer of the New York Gypsy Festival, which offers a broad perspective on various styles of Gypsy music and dance against the backdrop of New York City which, being the crossroads of many cultures, is essentially Gypsy at heart. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ........ .. ..........I created my own ..myspace layout.. using ..nUCLEArcENTURy.COM.. and you should too!

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