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Tour Dates:
2016-11-30 (Ended)Jim BrickmanBass Performance Hall
Fort Worth Texas , United States
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2016-12-06 (Ended)Jim BrickmanCrest Theatre
Sacramento California , United States
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2016-12-08 (Ended)Jim BrickmanParamount Theatre
Denver Colorado , United States
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2016-12-09 (Ended)Jim Brickman & Kansas City SymphonyKauffman Center for the Performing Arts
Kansas City Missouri , United States
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2016-12-14 (Ended)Jim BrickmanMcGLOHON THEATER at Spirit Square
Charlotte North Carolina , United States
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2019-12-11Jim BrickmanAnderson Theater At Cincinnati Memorial Hall
Cincinnati Ohio , United States
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2019-12-12Jim BrickmanIPFW Auer Performance Hall
Fort Wayne Indiana , United States
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2019-12-13Jim BrickmanCoronado Performing Arts Center
Rockford Illinois , United States
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2019-12-14Jim BrickmanState Theatre - The Playhouse Square Center
Cleveland Ohio , United States
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2019-12-16Jim BrickmanParamount Theater Charlottesville
Charlottesville Virginia , United States
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2019-12-17Jim BrickmanPasquerilla Performing Arts Center
Johnstown Pennsylvania , United States
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2019-12-18Jim BrickmanRiviera Theatre
North Tonawanda New York , United States
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2019-12-20Jim BrickmanVon Braun Center Concert Hall
Huntsville Alabama , United States
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2019-12-21Jim BrickmanThe Lyric Theatre
Birmingham Alabama , United States
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2019-12-23Jim BrickmanWalker Theatre Chattanooga
Chattanooga Tennessee , United States
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