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.... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .......... .......... After stints as a high school band director, cruise ship entertainer and air-traffic controller, Jim McDonough began selling his distinctive brand of soothing piano music in gift shops in eastern Iowa. Today, his CDs are available in stores across the country and via his Web site, www.pianofavorites.com. Through his Iowa-based company, Jim McDonough Productions, Inc., Jim has sold nearly 100,000 copies of his 7 CDs – without being signed to a major record label. However, the road to success has been paved with detours. In eighth grade, an accident nearly ended his musical career. That accident, involving a falling piano at his school, crushed three fingers on his right hand – and nearly crushed his dreams in the process. Jim emerged from two hours of surgery with pins in his fingers and tiny fractures across his hand. But throughout more than a year of physical therapy, Jim kept playing – with a cast on his right hand – and concentrated on improving his performance with his left hand. “I had such a strong love for the piano, I couldn’t give it up,” McDonough says. He devoted nearly every spare moment working to get back the dexterity in his right hand, through physical therapy and rehearsing. The payoff came in the ninth grade, when he bought a Steinway grand piano to celebrate his recovery, instead of purchasing a car. Jim has continued to excel. Each holiday season he takes his popular Christmas production show to many of Iowa’s major concert venues. In addition to McDonough’s distinctive solo piano arrangements of seasonal favorites, he’s joined by his 15-piece orchestra, a cast of talented vocalists, lavish costumes, an impressive “winter wonderland” stage set, and several other seasonal surprises. For more information call 1-800-375-7095 or visit www.pianofavorites.com. ...... .. ...... .. I edited my profile with ..Thomas' Myspace Editor V4.4.. ......

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