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Amiable Irish trance DJ John O'Callaghan is as happy to sing the praises of other DJs and producers as he is to receive his own accolades. Talking about his summer smash 'Find Yourself' featuring Sarah Howells, it's the 'Cosmic Gate Remix' he's keen to flag up. Although John is at ease delivering big room slayers from his Dublin studio, the task of producing his own artist album, 'Never Fade Away', this year was more of a challenge. "To sit down and write 11 new tracks and come up with new melodies and vocals and spend all that time in the studio was quite daunting," says John. "But it was very enjoyable in the end." In fact, John already has ideas bubbling away for a follow-up that he'll start next year for release in 2011. John plays out every single weekend of the year, not that he's complaining. "I'm very happy to have this job, it's an absolute privilege, and I enjoy every second of it. The only hard bit is travelling, but apart from that everything else is amazing." Playing this year's Trance Energy festival, in Holland, was extra special, he says. "I played on the main stage and the production and the lighting was just unbelievable. A load of people from Ireland came over and it really was the gig of a lifetime." He also achieved another personal best by making his debut at Ibiza club Amnesia for Cream. "It's a Mecca for a lot of DJs and it was a milestone for me."

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Tour Dates:
2016-11-11 (Ended)Digital Society & John O'Callaghan presents SubcultureO2 Academy Leeds
Leeds West Yorkshire , United Kingdom
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2016-12-17 (Ended)John O'CallaghanLandmark Hotel
Leitrim Leitrim , Ireland
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2017-06-09 (Ended)Esscala Nights: John O'Callaghan & Mir OmarCielo
New York New York , United States
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2017-08-27 (Ended)Creamfields 2017 - SundayDaresbury Estate
Daresbury Cheshire , United Kingdom
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2018-04-15 (Ended)John O'Callaghan: Total Spectrum at Sound-Bar ChicagoSound-Bar
Chicago Illinois , United States
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