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Comprised of the lusciousness of Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez, Johnnyswim, having been trained in the art of the mariachi, creates a luxury of pop, soul, and acoustic rap sounds for its listeners. The duo hails from Nashville, TN near the rural village of Brent-ioch. They met discreetly in a coffeeshop circa 2005 after hearing each other hum from across the crowded room and have henceforth been medically inseparable. While many reality TV shows (Rock theCradle, Mystery Diagnosis, etc) have approachedthe duo in hopes of capturing on film their musicmaking process, Amanda and Abner remainincredibly secretive. Various rumors have spreadthroughout the tabloids, blogs, and Taliban cavesregarding their personal lives, but none to date havebeen confirmed or denied. However, Abner hasbeen quoted as saying, "We write our songs from avery real and yet imaginary place, so they are alltrue stories." No one is really sure what he wassaying, but that is all part of the mystery that isJohnnyswim. Their talent and persona areunmatched in todays culture. If you or your mother would like moreinformation about Johnnyswim, please visit theContact page, sign up for email alerts, or type"Johnnyswim" in google.

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Tour Dates:
2017-02-07 (Ended)JohnnyswimParadiso
, Netherlands The
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2017-02-10 (Ended)JohnnyswimPrivatclub
Berlin Berlin , Germany
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2017-03-01 (Ended)JohnnyswimThe Waiting Room
Omaha Nebraska , United States
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2017-03-02 (Ended)JohnnyswimWooly's
Des Moines Iowa , United States
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2017-03-03 (Ended)JohnnyswimMajestic Theater
Madison Wisconsin , United States
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