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Born in the former Soviet Union and trained as a cantorial soloist, Jewish Spiritual Leader Jonnie Pekelny brings a beautiful voice and special energy to every performance. When Jonnie was a baby in St. Petersburg, Russia, her mother Olga read in a child-rearing book that listening to folk music instills musical talent in children. Though Russian folk songs were not popular among big city intelligentsia, Olga went out of her way to collect this music and pass it on to her daughter. Jonnie grew up singing the haunting, playful and soul filled melodies of the Russian countryside. By the time her family emigrated to the U.S. in the late seventies, she was hooked. Jonnie has since participated and studied various musical traditions -- from her classical music education at U.C. Santa Cruz, to her participation in a women's World Music group. Throughout it all, however, she has maintained a special love for Russian folk music. Jonnie is also a member of the Loose Canons.

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