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Lars Behrenroth - excellent DJ, remixer, producer - one of the few in the dance music world who does it all quite well. Lars has moved and grooved crowds in clubs all over the world such as DEEP (LA), Club Five and Red (D.C.), Motorlounge (Detroit), Distillery (Leipzig, Germany), Queens (Paris, France) and many many more. His 4 year and running XM Radio program 'Deeper Shades of House' is a weekly showcase of his versatile but selective musical range; he can play any genre within house music while still keeping it deep. It is the way he programs his sets and puts the songs together that stand him apart from the rest. Lars has developed his production skills over the past 10 years to the point where he has accumulated an impressive discography over a variety of labels including Chez Music, Deep4Life, Compost, Sonar Kollektiv and most recently Liebe*Detail. He has also remixed artists such as Kathy Brown, The Rurals, Deep Swing, Dubtribe, MJ Cole, Alma Horton, Slope, Arnold Jarvis, Sven Weisemann and more. In 2008 Lars is going full force with hot remixes on Liebe*Detail Spezial, Ocha Records, his debut EP on Freerange and the launch of his own label Deeper Shades Recordings.

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