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San Francisco native Lee Corbie-Wells has startled the Bay Area folk scene with her striking vocal and multi-instrument talents, venturing into Celtic, Americana, Blues, Jazz, Swing, Ragtime, Latin, Scandinavian and Bluegrass genres. Lee will enthrall you with a spread of savory songs including Gaelic, Russian, and Welsh, along with original tunes, accompanied with violin, hardanger fiddle and guitar. Lee has Scottish ancestors and took up fiddle at 6. Her great-grandmother was from Skye, great-grandfather was from Glasgow, and grandmother was from Howwood, Renfrewshire. Her parents were both music teachers, and taught her Celtic and American tunes by ear, fostering her love of traditional folk music. Lee toured Southern Ireland with Alison Streich in the band, Drowsy Maggie and has since performed in numerous Celtic, Americana, Blues, Jazz, Swing, Ragtime, and Latin bands, including a few years with Los Gatos based The Gallowglasses. In 2014, Lee formed her own band, Moonshine Jelly, and earlier this year, a Scandinavian-Bluegrass-Contra band called Kaptain Bottletop. Last Labor Day weekend, Lee performed two solo shows on the AmeriCeltic Stage at the Pleasanton Highland Games. For more on Lee Corbie-Wells, check her websites: www.moonshinejelly.org

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