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As a spoken-word poet from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Levi the Poet has spent the last year building up his concert reputation as one of the most honest expressions of wearing your heart on your sleeve. Reaching beyond any sort of genre limitations that “performance poetry” might hold, Levi has incorporated every vocal influence into his presentation, successfully molding each variety into a purely emotive experience, and holds tight to an unrestrained honesty within his “hold nothing back” method of examining life’s deepest questions. Through a heavily testimonial written approach and an intense slam-esque deliverance, Levi has taken an old art and stylized it as his own, creating a passionate art form which captures the relative-yet-relatable longings of the human heart. "These poems are stories from my life, journals; and I think that it is a miracle that folk actually listen to them. I pray that hope would resonate from those words. I very much appreciate those of you that have stopped by, and I hope that you are having beautiful days out there in that crazy world." "Levi is just one of those special people with a unique gift for stirring things up. I know he stirred me up the first time I witnessed him on a stage. What got to me most was his genuine passion and gleaming transparency. Love me some Levi the Poet!" - Chad Johnson - Come&Live! founder/X-Tooth and Nail A&R "This recording of street-level poetry is loud and furiously mixed with emotion and the occasional sound effect, but it's the subject matter that slaps you in the face. When he delivers his post-suicide goodbye in 'When I Go To Meet God,' it's easy to feel the pain his loved ones would've felt if he had done it, just like his doubtful lines ring of authenticity." - Doug Van Pelt - HM Magazine (2010) "Out of control! Spoken word with an experimental approach and very powerfully written. Chaotic, raw, controversial, and energetic - Levi the Poet is a fresh taste of creativity and you would be doing yourself more than just one favor by checking him out.".. - Laurel Erickson - HM Magazine (2008).... "Extremely passionate about writing since the 5th grade, Macallister's brand of poetry is the definition of wearing your heart on your sleeve. His stage is his confessional and while sometimes he is inclined towards inducing an uncomfortably honest experience, it's impossible not to love this guy." - Jameson Ketchum - Hopecore Magazine

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Tour Dates:
2017-11-04 (Ended)ListenerThe End
Nashville Tennessee , United States
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2018-03-21 (Ended)LISTENER + LEVI THE POETBackstage
Munich Bayern , Germany
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