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42 REPRESENATIVE - Liquid Assassin first picked up a pad and pen at the age of 16, one year later he began to work with local artist's label where he remained for several years and has since been performing for crowds that continue to grow. On March 26th 2005, he left the local label to team up with Killa C and Dirty Thug Recordz. Just a few months later, Killa C and Liquid Assassin came together and created an un-stoppable combination of fire and ice, the sickness that which is known as "Grave Plott." Liquid Assassin's solo debut is scheduled to be released late 2007. Quite appropriately entitled "Apocalypse" the album features a superstar line-up.. Enjoying his new found home on Dirty Thug Recordz, you can expect everything from "The Assassin." Look for this release to not only be devastional with an all star cast, but will be the first of many installments to come from L.A. that will show you the mind that which, is Liquid.

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