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The Boy on the Bureau is Lon Blais’ one-man autobiographical “stage documentary” about his uneasy & unorthodox escape from his family’s dysfunction. - not easy being the favorite child & “white sheep of the family”. In a world where everyone hid from the truth, Lon made up his own . In 2004, Lon retired very early from his other beloved career, teaching. After his wife’s extended illness & having been too busy, too poor, & too tired - with the encouragement of his wife, he set out on a quest – a bucket list with no end point. He bicycled across the country… twice, he got a tattoo, he hiked the Grand Canyon, he conducted a drum & bugle corps, he got a dog… And then he wrote a play… in 12 days…. and then he workshopped it…. & it took off…. Lon’s friends who live across the country asked to have copies of the script sent to them because very likely they’d never see it performed.…


Tour Dates:
2017-11-17 (Ended)"The Boy on the Bureau"Nyack Village Theater
Nyack New York , United States
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