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Fresh out of Hip Hop’s ass, Hip Hop has a NEW face, and Dam what a cute face” M.E. 16 aka The Hand, Mr. “I shit on niggas, and I don’t wipe” is the new shit. No not just another hood Trap star. No not another skinny jean mo-hawk tatted up rocker, or a nerdy back-pack rapper. M.E. is the perfect fusion between the streets, the music, and the business. “I don’t just write bars, I raise stars” M.E. doesn’t feel being the “Best Rapper Alive” is a high enough standard to set in the rap game. “I love buildings artist from the ground” M.E. believes that every body has a story to tell. So being a ghost writer allows him to display his talent thru other people helping them tell there story as he says in one of his raps “ My new name is God dam it he ill, and I could write yo shit like Anne B. Real” M.E. likes to go against the grain as he explains “ sometimes winning is boring. Once your good at a certain thing you loose the passion because the challenge is just not there any more. M.E. feels that the reason Hip Hop is "dead" is because most real artist dont have the financial backing some of these bubble gum artist, or drugdealers do. "You no longer are judge based on your talent, you are praised on how much money you have, and in a time where people need money the most it opens a window of oppertunity for those less talented to become famous because all you have to do is pay the toll and you can pass” "but those artist dont last long just because there standards are low. being famous doesnt make you a legend it just makes you popular for a while. many people follow the trends hoping that it will get them on that by the time they are given a shot(if any) that trend has died. also to many artist make music for other artist and not the important people. the fans. they loose touch with themselves and start creating these fantasy worlds in there minds, worlds that have no substance , no truth, therefore there music looses power. very few know how to fuse business and talent. Rims will only get bigger untill there are no rims. Just an example of how shallow are music has become. But feelings last forever. Anger, Happiness, and every other human emotion has lasted since the first man was created and will last untill the last man dies. The artist that ones him or herself with there true feelings and makes music that deals with everyday life but also does it in a creativly and translates it in a way where the listener is intrigued, that artist will live forever" He also quotes the Bible when he talks about why he helps up and coming artist “Because the lack of knowledge my people parish” followed by is own view “The only reason we glorify other people is because we feel we can’t do the same” M.E. has written for artist such as Ray lavender , Jason Miller signed artist to konvict music, Ben One a Chicago signed artist, Kaye Fox, all the way to R kelly which can be heard on a up and coming artist by the name of City Boy's "Keys to the City" album. M.E's mom who passed when he's was in his teens tought him how to make more with less. Not being able to afford all the nice clothes and gym shoes M.E. knew hed had to have a hell of a personality in order to "hang" with the "cool" kids lol. Being from Chicago M.E. has build a tolerance for hating. “I understand in order to hate you have to love First lol so I just laugh and push on” Now that it’s easier then ever to reach any body in the world M.E. plans to create a new league of new artist, and create new Gods of music, and not just Hip Hop." Fukz wit me cuz u cant Fuck wit Me"

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Grab your M.E. Tickets and catch a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee in concert live. The prices being offered on our website vary and that will help you pick your own price for the tickets you want.

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