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The Megas is a Los Angeles based independent video game cover band based on the Capcom franchise, Mega Man. They differentiate themselves from artists who have played Mega Man music in the past by adding original lyrics and composing new sections which blend seamlessly with the original compositions.[1] Their lyrics expand on the simple story laid out in the games, giving each of the 8 Robot Masters a unique personality. Their debut album, Get Equipped, based on Mega Man 2,[2][3] was released in January 2008. The band has gained notoriety in the video game music scene due to their popularity on sites like Newgrounds and MySpace, as well as numerous live performances all over the United States, primarily at video game conventions and festivals such as MAGfest, Nerdapalooza, and various dates of the Video Games Live tour. Their song "The Annihilation of Monsteropolis/Airman" was featured on the front page of the popular video game music remixing site OverClocked ReMix, and the band itself has been mentioned on Wired magazine's blog, the official Capcom blog and an article on Gibson Guitars' website. The Megas were mentioned again on the official Capcom blog after the release of their acoustic album, Get Acoustic. On May 15, 2014, The Megas released their third album, History Repeating: Red, the second half of their take on Mega Man 3. This follows their release of History Repeating: Blue on June 18, 2012.

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All the latest Magas events can be found in search or see on the wikipedia page. Magas on wiki. Or look at the Youtube Magas on Youtube

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Tour Dates:
2017-01-21 (Ended)Joan of Arc (Record Release) / Facs / MagasChicago Athletic Association
Chicago Illinois , United States
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2017-02-09 (Ended)Joan of Arc, Magas, Jimmy WhispersThe Satellite
Los Angeles California , United States
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2017-02-10 (Ended)Joan of Arc, Magas, Swollen BrainCrepe Place
Santa Cruz California , United States
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2017-04-10 (Ended)Hogg / Cube / Magas / Beau Wanzer (DJ Set)Empty Bottle
Chicago Illinois , United States
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