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The main difference between Matt and Kim and most hugely talented and popular music groups is simple: The down-to-earth duo are people that you'd probably want to hang out with. Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino embody the friends you've had that started playing tour dates in someone's garage; except that the duo is becoming a bigger success with each new album and expanding concert schedule. Matt and Kim's latest success, the album Sidewalks, has lead to a full concert schedule lately, and the Brooklyn dance party continues with the onset of 2011 tour dates for the Sidewalks Tour. The Sidewalks Tour will feature The Thermals and DJ Autobot and begins on May 31 in Philadelphia. The tour will wind across the United States, with a stop at Bonnaroo on June 10, before ending in Boston on June 30.The tour won't be the only tour dates on the concert schedule in 2011, as Matt and Kim are keeping busy with multiple tours this summer. Matt and Kim met at Pratt Institute in New York in the early 2000s, and much of their musical origins is shrouded in mystery. Before Matt learned to play the keyboard and Kim learned to play the drums, they were coerced into playing their first show in 2004. The spark created by their performance fueled a number of DIY shows in Brooklyn, as well as their first EP, titled To/From which was burned on a laptop on the way to performances. Tale of Matt and Kim spread throughout New York City and they released their debut self-titled album in 2006. The album was a hit with both fans and critics, spurring a number of tour dates at music festivals like Lollapalooza in 2007. Shortly after their breakout success, Matt and Kim released their album, Grand, in early 2009. Matt and Kim hit the big time with this one, with the album's lead single "Daylight" appearing in numerous television shows, commercials, and movies. Hits turned to sensations with the premier of the music video for the single "Lessons Learned," which saw Matt and Kim streaking through Times Square. The video won an MTV Video Music Award for Breakthrough Video and showed the world (along with a lot of skin) that Matt and Kim weren't one-trick ponies. In a demonstration of their humility and good nature, the duo began donating proceeds of their concert schedule to various charities. Matt and Kim continue their meteoric rise to fame with their latest album, Sidewalks, which was released in November of 2010. The album's single, "Cameras," has become a huge success and led to a plethora of tour dates in 2011. With an ongoing concert schedule, Matt and Kim have even more high energy tour dates lined up in 2011. Matt and Kim have three European tour dates in 2011, including stops in Paris, Huntington, and at the Melt! Festival in Berlin. Matt and Kim's busy concert schedule continues in September 2011, where Matt and Kim will play tour dates to much larger arena crowds on the Honda Civic Tour. Matt and Kim's 2011 tour dates culminate in a show at the Hollywood Bowl on October 8, effectively ending their concert schedule for the year. Fans of music, Matt & Kim, and dancing better not miss one of the Sidewalks Tour's tour dates in 2011; because Matt & Kim know that it's not always great to be caught with your pants down.

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Tour Dates:
2017-04-28 (Ended)Matt and KimRyan Center
Kingston Rhode Island , United States
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2017-11-28 (Ended)FEELINGS: A Talk Show with Giulia Rozzi - Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino (In Interview), Jacqueline Novak, Will Miles, Sasheer ZamataLittlefield
Brooklyn New York , United States
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2018-03-08 (Ended)Matt and KimThe Hollow Bar + Kitchen
Albany New York , United States
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2018-03-22 (Ended)Matt And KimStarland Ballroom
Sayreville New Jersey , United States
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2018-03-23 (Ended)Matt and Kim - CRUISR, TWINKIDSStarland Ballroom
Sayreville New Jersey , United States
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DeLaAmber The Water Street show is in Rochester, NY. Not Albany, NY.
2010-10-18 09:47:00

shelbis what the freak!!!! why dont you come to tampa! pleeeeeease!
2010-04-09 10:29:18

Daylight1 Kim emailed me back!
2010-01-28 18:27:06

flickgal24 i loooooove matt and kim my fav song of them is daylight!
2009-10-19 17:26:39