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The Story. Mesmer was conceived from the glam rock stylings of Joe Medici. Influenced by Brit-pop artists such as the Verve and David Bowie, Medici began crafting the songs that have now become the band's debut release. In creating the album, the vision of Mesmer became clear. Medici stumbled over who he was and what he was trying to achieve. With each song came more definition, and with that came purpose. But Medici needed the right combination of personalities to make the voice of Mesmer heard. The Band. Joe found a common vision in guitar player Mik Rodriguez, a classically trained guitarist from Argentina, who enhances the texture and scope of the songs with a style that can truly be truly described as "rhythmic-lead." Guitarist Mike, whose influences range from the British guitar heroes to the American garage anti-heroes, is the perfect compliment to Medici's songwriting style, adding power through a clever, yet elegant approach to the songs. Completing the sound is Pat Bennett on drums. Bennett brings a sense of solidness to the band, playing with a unique sense of instinct as well as groove. Four people with four distinct personalities and four distinct sets of influences have created a sound that has become their own.

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