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Musab has a way of telling tragedy without bloodshed. He doesn’t rap about guns or drugs, but his lyrics somehow are more thrilling and dramatic than these typical gangster rap subjects. His songs tell another side to the American ghetto. They expose the lifestyle, struggle and views of the black American pimp. A modern day, real life pimp, he puts his own twist on the pimp game and translates it over to the rap game. Known on the streets as Sab, aka Minnesota Slicks, his hard grind and sharp decision-making earned him respect amongst his peers in the game. The pimp culture is glamorized in pop culture and rap music videos as a plush lifestyle but Sab will be the first to say that that’s a big misconception. “On the other side of the flash and front, it’s a very dirty game and strenuous lifestyle that one must have grit and stomach to endure,” He says. Sab is a, “pimp by blood,” as they say. He was born to a fifteen-year-old mother during the seventies, “Superfly Era,” in Minneapolis, MN. Growing up fatherless and being raised alone by a teen mother he saw and experienced many things most children don’t. In turn, he became street crafty at a young age and was introduced to, “the oldest profession,” by family and friends living the lifestyle.

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All the latest Musab events can be found in search or see on the wikipedia page. Musab on wiki. Or look at the Youtube Musab on Youtube

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