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O.T BIO-Hip-Hop was started in New York City, In the late 70’s by the cities youth Hip-Hop was more than just music, it was a culture, Hip-Hop was one of the newest forms of music at that time, It has expanded now to the most popular form of music In the last five years, hip-hop has been the most lucrative form of music It has allowed artists like jay-z and numerous others to come forth with their talents such as OT OT, better known as (Shodd Brunson) was born and raised on the streets of Overtown in Miami, Florida OT was a child of seven while growing up he tried to overcome obstacles that many kids around his age could not faceStruggling to get by a good life without having his father’s presence OT was known as the head hold of his house When he entered the fifth grade, his free styling talent had become known to the peers that were around him Being around that young age playing sports such as football and basketball were his first and only priority Yet,little did people know his true prodigy was yet to show Between the ages 12-13 OT began to pursue his real passion, which was rapping Watching the various legendary hip hop and R&B artist for instance Marvin Gaye, the Commendors, Run DMC, 2Pac, Biggie, Bone-thugz& harmony, Ray Charles, and Jay-Z gave OT the confidence and assurance in entering the business At age sixteen, he stepped into the lab with no experience or knowledge on how the studio functioned As he watched older local artist he gained more experience on how to record OT was a rookie on the mic, but a lyrical veteran When it came to writing songs his songs were based on life experiences and street knowledge With a better enrichment of the business, a several of his friends affiliated a group called “City Boy Clique” The group had performed in various shows, such as talents shows, and local clubs Meanwhile, OT did not feel a kinship with working in a group for justified reasons On that note, at age eighteen he recorded his first solo song “My Last Words” containing words that associated with the last time being a seventeen year old This song was basically about teens who had finally reached the adult stage and being seventeen was over with Also listeners to this song felt connected because of the words being described Pushing and promoting mix tapes as chances came by he became well known in Miami Furthermore, when negative, unconstructive ideas or thoughts came his way from people he gained more motivation and inspiration which led to his creative and artistic lyrical rhymes In a city where not too many local artists are recognized and are mostly hated upon this became a, defying challenge for OT With no trust or reliance on anyone OT face up on signing onto a record label called “Get Money Records”, Where they took him in and made him feel welcomed and well situated The rest is history in the making

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All the latest O.T events can be found in search or see on the wikipedia page. O.T on wiki. Or look at the Youtube O.T on Youtube

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