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Formed in 2004, Orwell has seen many shapes and sounds over the past 4 years. The Original lineup consisted of Tim Bradley, Will Strickland, Bern Wachter, Eamon Nechvatal, and Mike Knight. 2006 Saw the band release "the Undying," a 7 song EP through Zero Budget Records. The disc was the first real recording effort and solidified Orwell as a force to be reckoned with in the Midwest. Early 2007 also had the band lend 2 new songs to a Zero Budget Split with Label mates Buried Face Down and now-defunct And Hope to Die. Shortly after the split, Mike Knight, was ejected from the band. In the summer of 2007, Orwell hopped in the van with new vocalist Luke Matheson, and a new 2 song sampler cd and toured the mid/central US for 30 days. Shortly after the tour another lineup change to affect. Matheson, Nechvatal, and Wachter all left the band in favor of more solid and steady college/work related lives. Although the split was amicable and everyone involved with the lineup remains close friends, Bradley and Strickland decided to push forward. Recruiting Erik Bolstad on guitars, Jim Haugen on drums, and Logan Hauser on Vocals. With this new lineup finally solidified in 2008, the band breathes completely new life. They have abandoned the chop and stop breakdown focused sound that the metal scene has become so over saturated with and taken direction towards a new, more intricately crafted melody and speed focused sound. In a scene sickeningly over crowded with trends and fad based sound, Orwell seeks to prove, if nothing else, that their tuneful, hook-driven blend of thrash and death metal is no trend and is here to stay. 2008 has already seen the release of a very successfull home-recorded demo, and continues to be a jam packed schedule of shows for the band. Which, with the new lineup have showcased some of the most intense live shows the band has been involved in. More touring and writing, eventually leading up to a 2009 release of the first full length from Orwell, which promises to be the most technically proficient and powerful release from the band to date.

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