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America's go-to jam band took off where the Grateful Dead left off, and that is playing awesome music and continuing the festival-jam phenomenon. Phish is not known for a being commercial success story, but they command hordes of fans that travel to their shows to see their oft-improvised sets and musically syncretic sound. The Phish concert schedule includes more than twenty scheduled dates at various North American venues this Spring and Summer 2011. These legendary performers forged their talents in the early 1980s as students at the University of Vermont. Throughout the 1980s, the band performed infrequently and uncohesively until 1988, after lineup changes, they started seriously pursuing musical careers. They started practicing together and recorded their self-released debut, "Junta," in 1989. Phish tried to book tour dates at local Northeast venues, but were many times turned down for lack of any label support. Despite this, they were able to develop a devoted fanbase that traveled far and wide to catch their fan-inclusive performance style. Loyal fans are familiar with the "rotation jam," where band members swap instruments to those on the left to perform sets. Their notoriety and popularity only increased with their on-stage antics and they began to attract industry attention. In 1992, Elektra Records became aware of their packed shows and signed them to a major label deal and re-released "Junta" in 1992. Phish tour dates were booked at the H.O.R.D.E. Festival in 1992 and they opened for Violent Femmes and Santana on their respective U.S. tours. More a performers' band than studio musicians, Phish embarked on a headlining tour in 1993 at major U.S. amphitheaters. They released their follow-up album, "Hoist," in 1994 and supported it with their first music video for "Down with the Disease." Phish tour dates were booked at major festivals throughout the decade and they continued to cultivate the "Phish" legend with their on-stage shenanigans. Phish received commercial success when it released its 1996 album, "Billy Breathes," in 1996, which featured the hit rock track, "Free" which peaked at #11 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Tracks. The Phish concert schedule catered to large audiences, including the two day festival, "The Clifford Ball," in which more than 70,000 people crowded a decommissioned military base to see the band play their long winded sets. The band went on a brief hiatus in 2000, but returned in 2002 with a new album, "Round Room," and a summer tour in 2003. The Phish concert schedule included their Limestone "It" Festival which attracted over 60,000 fans. The band briefly shocked and dismayed fans when they announced in 2004 that they were going to break up after the release of "Undermind" and a quick summer tour. What was supposed to be their final festival show, "Coventry," drew a crowd of 65,000 to witness the historic dissolution of America's last jam band. The break up was short-lived and Phish returned in 2008 with a weekend-long reunion festival and offered a fourteenth album, "Joy," in 2009. In that same year, the band announced that their aptly titled "Festival 8," was booked in Indio, California. Phish tour dates were also booked at the Austin City Limits Music Festival and they headlined dates at Madison Square Garden over New Year's Eve and Day. Phish tour dates 2011 have the band playing at over twenty dates this spring and summer. The highlight of the Phish concert season is the recently announced "Super Ball IX," three day festival that will commence on July 1 in Watkins Glen, New York. Other Phish tour dates are currently scheduled throughout North America, however, don't miss the chance to catch these jam icons on their ninth festival in New York! Use Eventful as your source for Phish tour dates and concert schedule news.

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Tour Dates:
2016-12-28 (Ended)Phish - 4 DaysMadison Square Garden
New York New York , United States
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2016-12-29 (Ended)Phish - 4 DaysMadison Square Garden
New York New York , United States
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2016-12-29 (Ended)PhishMadison Square Garden
New York New York , United States
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2016-12-30 (Ended)PhishMadison Square Garden
New York New York , United States
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2016-12-30 (Ended)Phish - 4 DaysMadison Square Garden
New York New York , United States
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cegmusic All you Phish phans in the NYC area come check out Strange Design at Sullivan Hall on Aug 22nd and 23rd, as they recreate two of Phish's most celebrated performances! "Phish believed that there was more to live music than a couple of chords and a drumbeat, they believed that it was an experience, a full on attack of the senses. Since 2004 this belief has been left buried in a muddy field in Vermont. Strange Design is bringing this belief back to life!!" Recreating Phish shows in their entierty, from set list to stage set up to lighting, Strange Design recognizes that the music is what originally drew people in, "This is about Phish and the music they wrote."
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