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Protest the Hero (often abbreviated as PTH or simply Protest) is an award winning Canadian progressive metal band from Whitby, Ontario.[1] The Protest line-up has stayed the same since the band formed in 1999, when they were just 12 years old. [2] They originally used the name Happy Go Lucky, but changed their name before releasing their first EP, A Calculated Use of Sound which was followed by the release of their first full length, Kezia, on the indie label Underground Operations. On January 23, 2006 the band officially signed with Vagrant Records for Kezia's United States release. Kezia was released in the US on April 4, 2006. Their second full length, Fortress was officially released by Underground Operations in Canada and by Vagrant Records worldwide on January 29, 2008. (From Wikipedia)

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Tour Dates:
2016-12-10 (Ended)Protest The HeroThe Starlite Room
Edmonton Alberta , Canada
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2016-12-14 (Ended)Protest The HeroGarrick Centre
Winnipeg Manitoba , Canada
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2016-12-18 (Ended)Stay Warm 2016 w/ Protest The Hero, The Flatliners, A Wilhelm Scream, Cyclamen, River Oaks, SparrowsThe Danforth Music Hall
Toronto Ontario , Canada
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2017-01-04 (Ended)August Burns RedTheater of the Living Arts
Philadelphia Pennsylvania , United States
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2017-01-05 (Ended)August Burns RedThe Fillmore Silver Spring
Silver Spring Maryland , United States
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External Comments:
heldintothesun Dear Fro-chest the Zeerlo, Please....Please come to Billings Montana so I dont have to travel to see you again.
2011-02-08 15:15:24

NitroMetal1995 This band kicks so much ass.
2011-01-18 07:42:25

mdridlon yea they're definitely progressive metalcore/mathcore/melodicore... not so much punk.. I can't wait to see them in concert!
2009-12-21 04:59:55

creesky Fucking eh...speak of the devils
2009-09-06 23:55:11

theantihero1 dang are you guys playin the pitz at mk because thats surreal if you are
2008-12-16 06:57:21

eduardorox0694 who gives a shit they kick ass cant wait to catch up wit u guys since warped :)
2008-11-20 16:22:35

katiemarisa they're progressive, not 'fast paced punk'
2008-07-28 22:44:23

musicnatzithe3 how come everyone calls them fast paced punk anywase?
2007-10-11 20:18:00