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Queensrÿche first burst onto the music scene in 1982 with the release of their self-titled 4 song EP Queensrÿche. They very quickly gained international recognition and performed to sold out audiences around the world. With the follow up first full length album "The Warning" in 1984, and the ground breaking 1986 release of "Rage For Order", Queensrÿche continued to prove their worldwide dominance as one of the most respected and creative bands of the 80's. In 1988 the band turned out yet another monumental album"Operation:Mindcrime", which would go on to become one of the TOP 10 best selling concepts records of all time, and set the stage for continued sold out performances around the world. With the release of the critically acclaimed and commercially successful "Empire" in 1991, the band earned multiple Grammy Award nominations and won the MTV "viewers choice" award for the #1 chart topping hit "Silent Lucidity". During the next ten years, the band continued to release albums and tour the world to sold out audiences. Queensrÿche has sold over 30 million albums worldwide and have continued to break new ground and push their creative process. QUEENSRYCHE IS: Michael Wilton: Guitar Todd LaTorre: Vox Scott Rockenfield: Drums Eddie Jackson: Bass Parker Lundgren: Guitar

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All the latest Queensryche events can be found in search or see on the wikipedia page. Queensryche on wiki. Or look at the Youtube Queensryche on Youtube

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Tour Dates:
2016-12-08 (Ended)QueensrycheDiesel Concert Lounge
New Baltimore Michigan , United States
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2016-12-10 (Ended)QueensrycheHard Rock Hotel & Casino Sioux City
Sioux City Iowa , United States
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2016-12-11 (Ended)QueensrycheLimelight Eventplex
Peoria Illinois , United States
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2016-12-13 (Ended)Queensrÿche -with Armored Saint & Midnight EternalThe Waiting Room
Omaha Nebraska , United States
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2016-12-15 (Ended)QueensrycheThe Black Sheep
Colorado Springs Colorado , United States
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2011-01-10 05:47:49

jlbburn I've seen Queesryche several times.....including the Empire tour and the American Soldier tour last October in Columbus, OH. DeGarmo is a missed element but the Columbus show was awsome....second row from the stage. Tate is an amazing thing!
2010-01-18 07:30:08

x_l_r_8_d I have always wanted to see Queensryche since their debut album & have never had an opportunity and now that I've read this bio on their recent creative effort & knowing they are coming to one of my favorite venues here in Columbus, OH I'm so wildly enthusiastic about it I'd love to go! The Newport creats an environment that makes up feel more upclose & personal with the performers to me for some reason & always has! To be upclose & personal with Queensryche would just be tremendously awesome & I"m in hopes that I can attend this show. This album being for the soldiers is way awesome too! Rock On Guys! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
2009-10-19 08:36:05

laurie20023 Queensryche is my favorite band of all time. Their music and talent cannot be measured. I have met them once in New Orleans Louisiana and they were the best. I saw them for Mindcrime one and two together and it was mind blowing. I would LOVE for them to come back again. I hope others agree with me on this. If they read this, I have one thing to say to them: I LOVE YOU GUYS and LOUISIANA NEEDS YOU TO COME BACK!
2007-04-29 15:58:52