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John "Re-Surch" McGhee was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, one of the biggest and best known college cities in the country. As an attending college student himself, Re-Surch is familiar with every aspect of the college scene. Majoring in Audio Production, it is apparent he has a ferocious passion for music, as he is executive producer of his debut album "Alcoholic College Kidz." Taking the world by storm, Re-Surch has created a fresh new look to Rap music. John "Re-Surch" McGhee, the Alcoholic College Kid himself, has started a movement nation-wide called the "Alcoholic College Kidz." Alchoholic College Kidz encompasses a large group of today's youth who are transitioning and growing up as wide-eyed twenty-somethings at University. Through his music he takes on the role of your typical college party animal, ready to hand out a red keg cup to anyone who just wants to have a little fun, but not forgetting that education is the main goal.

His title track song "Alcoholic College Kidz" is a tribute to the extremely fun yet crucial social scene for the average college student. Songs like "The College Kid Guidebook," humorously describe in detail how to survive as a first year student, while the song "Generation" is a feel good anthem emphasizing diversity and unity among today's youth. Re-Surch wants the Alcoholic College Kidz movement to be most known for diversity and the acceptance of all.

"I was raised on both sides of the track; I lived in the ghetto, but went to school in the burbs with white America, so I chill with everybody." Re-Surch

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