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Savak is Scott Beebe, formerly of the seminal 90's darkwave / industrial outfit, Holocaust Theory, and label head of Possessive Blindfold/Unit Records and Heat Slick Records. Started in 1997, Savak became Beebe's side project of Holocaust Theory. Savak was meant to be a musical outlet for Beebe's views on terrorism and counter-terrorism. Savak first release was the highly anticipated "Four Hundred Forty Four Days" CD (Possessive Blindfold) in 2000. The music and ideology of this release was the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979 where American hostages were held captive in Tehran for 444 days. The music blended dark, cinematic soundscapes with brutal industrial percussion and bleak soundtrack escapes. Savak toured relentlessly in the USA, Latvia, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, France, and Germany for the Four Hundred Forty Four Days. The touring and the CD made Savak a name to be recognized in the dark industrial scene. Positive reviews from media made it even better. 2000-2002 saw Beebe writing material for the follow up release. The new release was to be based on the Taliban regime of Afghanistan. The CD entitled "The Taliban Pistol" was set be released in Sept. 2001 to coincide with Savak's tour of France and Germany. But with the events of 9/11. Beebe decided to postpone the release until March 2002. The European tour still went on where Savak performed new tracks of The Taliban Pistol in Paris, Bordeaux, and the fabled Maschinefest in Aachen, Germany. The Taliban Pistol CD, released on Unit Records, featured remixes by Dryft, DJ Tron, Exclipsect, and Element 11 and went further into the depths of electronica where the new music explored elements of trip-hop, drum & bass, and ambient mixed with traditional industrial undertones. Again, reviews were great but Savak did not tour as much as before with this release. 2003-2004 saw Beebe taking a break from Savak to launch Heat Slick Records and try some new musical avenues. In November 2005, Savak struck back with new music, a new release, and a new label. The release was a split CD with long time pal, Zymosiz, on the French M-Tronic label. This release was the 3rd release in M-Tronic's Chemical Elements series. 2006 found Savak touring Europe with Zymosiz and doing limited shows in the USA. So far in 2007, Savak has contributed a new an unreleased track to the Table of Elements 2 compilation released by M-Tronic Records, has licensed music to a number of different films including Newbie Sports, Indian Skiing featuring Franceso Quinn (24, Platoon, Placebo Effect, Young and the Restless) released by Viral Vector Media, and is currently producing the 4th studio record, Terror Junkie, in Los Angeles. Beebe also decided to move Savak into more of a live band where in the coming months, Savak will mutate into a 4 piece band with Beebe concentrating on vocals along with a live bassist and another keyboardist. More touring and film/tv licensing opportunites are coming up in 2007 so.....stay tuned for more!!! Line-up: Scott Beebe - vocals, programming, synths, sampling, bass, guitar Khalhasi - drums RE - live bass MM - live keyboards

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All the latest Savak events can be found in search or see on the wikipedia page. Savak on wiki. Or look at the Youtube Savak on Youtube

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Tour Dates:
2017-03-24 (Ended)SAVAK, Lake Ruth, Gold Muse, DJ SlistUnion Hall
Brooklyn New York , United States
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2018-04-19 (Ended)The MesstheticsSpace Ballroom.
Hamden Connecticut , United States
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2021-03-14 (Ended)Archers of Loaf with Savak (18+)Royale Nightclub
Boston Massachusetts , United States
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2022-09-23 (Ended)Savak with StromkernEl Corazon
Seattle Washington , United States
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Seattle Washington , United States
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External Comments:
Bella619 This music is perfect for sex..Well,ok,I still didn't try,but this must be good with sex as the base Chakra like noises that comes from center of yourself and being. I will try with frontman and I will let you know!
2008-03-04 11:54:51