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Serafin are Darryn Harkness, Ben Ellis, Ben Smith, and Christian Smith, in order of age. There have been many phases of this band but only one album, No Push Collide. The second, To The Teeth, has just been made. Darryn is the most complete musician of us as his countless recordings and performances show. He is a dab hand at bass and drums to keyboards and polyrhythmic percussion! He mainly plays guitar in Serafin. New Zealand gave rise to most of his outfits as it is his birthplace. They include Dead Flowers, Spacesuit and From Scratch. His current freeflowing band is The New Telepathics (.com) who play sporadically in London. Mr Ben Ellis or 'Mitts' has also travelled widely for music, touring the States extensively with The Catherine Wheel before moving to London to join Serafin from his homeland Scotland. Christian, Ben, and Darryn pursue music while Mitts pursues bass. Although Smith is a rather common name it is no coincidence that two of us share it. The brothers come from Yorkshire and Peru by way of Islington in North London and played together in the band Stony Sleep as wee sulky teenagers. Apart from Stony's two albums, Christian, who plays drums in Serafin, has made two albums with his project French Car and the Bulimic Wizards and the Razorlight album, Up All Night. The bones of the songs are the singer's Ben Smith. He reckons they sound like these people all mixed up. Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, Lennon, Bowie, Dylan, Waters, Beck, Frank Black, Kurt, Steve Malkmus, Graham Coxon, Damon Albarn and Ween. He'd like to say Tom Waits and Nina Simone too, but can't. Our influences range from Aphex Twin and John Coltrane to Mr Bungle and The Stooges. We don't know what we sound like or what we will sound like in the future but we are presently a song-based rock band; if that helps.

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Tour Dates:
2017-02-24 (Ended)SerafinSpade SuperClub
Baguio City Baguio , Philippines
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2017-04-09 (Ended)Serafyn (ch) (Rössli Bar - Verein Restaurant Sous Le Pont)Rössli Bar - Verein Restaurant Sous Le Pont
Bern Bern , Switzerland
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2017-05-13 (Ended)SerafinSocial
Sacramento California , United States
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2017-11-10 (Ended)SerafinSocial
Sacramento California , United States
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2018-02-14 (Ended)SerafinCle Nightclub
Houston Texas , United States
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