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This if the official Shadowside website for you to demand the band to come to your city. If you wanna catch us live, pick your city and demand us. You don't have to register. \n\nIf your city (or a nearby location) isn't on the list or you are a promoter and wants to book the band, email . We will be glad to create a city demand for you. \n\nThe more people requesting more likely it is that the event will happen. However for both the band management and concert promoters to have a true idea of how big of a crowd there is, please demand just once and send it to your friends who would also like to catch Shadowside live. \n\nWe will see you on the road!\n\nDemanda oficial para um show da Shadowside na cidade de São Paulo. Se você quer ver a banda ao vivo, clique em "Demand it!". Não é necessário registrar-se. Se sua cidade (ou uma cidade próxima) não estiver na lista, ou você estiver interessado em organizar um show, envie um email para . \n\nQuanto mais pedidos, maiores as chances do evento acontecer, mas para que tanto a equipe da banda quanto os promotores tenham uma idéia real da demanda, por favor assine apenas uma vez e passe para os amigos que também gostariam de ver a banda ao vivo.\n\nNos vemos na estrada!\n\n-Shadowside

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Tour Dates:
2018-05-10 (Ended)Anvil, ShadowsideFUBAR
Saint Louis Missouri , United States
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starcrossed A female fronted 80's metal band with a hott chick, catchy riffs, wild guitar solos, melodic choruses from Brazil? Now I think I've seen everything! These guys and gal are truely remarkable and totally deserve a chance to show the world what they're made of. I mean, Evancescence, Lacuna Coil and Nightwish are increasing in popularity by the nano second, but Shadowside stand out from the goth metal scene. 80's metal at its finest with a hott, female vocalist. Brazil is home of other great metal bands such as Soulfly, Sepultura, and Angra. Demand them in a city near you and help this Brazilian based cinquet show the world that they're ready to rock!
2018-03-29 11:55:54

shadowside Hey folks! We're currently scheduling our tour, so it's time to spread the word to all your friends and get everyone you know to demand us. If we get at least 50 people to demand in one city, it's very likely we'll be able to book a date there. If you wanna help, post a sticker to your friends, encourage them to demand too and join the street team at Let's Rock!
2018-03-29 11:55:54

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