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Silverstein (pronounced Silver-steen) is a five-piece post-hardcore band from Burlington, Ontario, whose music is sometimes labeled as screamo, though the band, particularly drummer Paul Koehler, rejects the screamo label.[1] The band name was taken from the famous children's author Shel Silverstein. Silverstein formed in January of 2000[2]. During that same year, they self-released their first EP, Summer's Stellar Gaze[3]. After several lineup changes, the band acquired Billy Hamilton, a local fan who learned of the band's need for a bassist on the Internet message board "The 905 Board" (an Ontario area outreach board which used to be for local musicians). In December of 2001, he joined the band after Told helped him learn the music for the songs. Following a rehearsal on Boxing Day (December 26) in 2001, he officially debuted with Silverstein. The next spring, original guitarist Richard McWalter left the band to move to Victoria, British Columbia to study engineering. He was then replaced by Neil Boshart, childhood friend of Shane Told. The new lineup recorded a second EP, When the Shadows Beam, in preparation for their first tour in Eastern Canada. The band signed to Victory Records in October 2002 with a complete lineup as Hamilton attempted to complete his secondary education one semester early. On December 14, 2008, the band announced by Myspace bulletin that its fourth CD would hit stores on March 31, 2009. The name of the new CD, A Shipwreck in the Sand, was announced on January 29, 2009, when the band concluded a viral marketing campaign by revealing the track listing at the album website. A demo version of one song, "Broken Stars" from the new CD had been put on the band's Myspace in late 2008 and played during their final U.S. tour in support of "Arrivals and Departures". A clip of a second song, "Vices", was also made available on Myspace, as occurred with the songs "Born Dead" and "American Dream." [8][9] On March 17, the band filmed a music video for "Vices" with director Robby Starbuck. Later, on March 23, 2009, the band posted the full album to stream on their official MySpace page. An iTunes bonus track version of the album includes four cover songs, Help (The Beatles cover), Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac Cover), Three Miles Down (Saves The Day cover), and Total Bummer (NOFX cover).[10] Silverstein contributed a cover version of "Apologize", originally recorded by OneRepublic, to the Punk Goes Pop 2 compilation album.[11] After three shows in Ontario, the band embarked on a U.S. tour with Norma Jean, Before Their Eyes, and blessthefall. [12] The band then played several shows on the continent of Europe, and completed a UK tour supporting the Welsh Band The Blackout along with We Are The Ocean, Hollywood Undead and The Urgency. The band recently completed a small-market tour in Ontario and the Midwestern United States, and will play a brief stint on Warped Tour, followed by a show in Anchorage, Alaska. Their song "I Am The Arsonist" is a downloadable song on Guitar Hero: World Tour as of July 9. (From Wikipedia)

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Tour Dates:
2016-11-27 (Ended)THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA - + MEMPHIS MAY FIRE + SILVERSTEINEglise de la Madeleine
Paris Paris , France
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2016-12-07 (Ended)Memphis May Fire, Silverstein & The Devil Wears PradaRescue Rooms
Nottingham Nottingham , United Kingdom
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2016-12-10 (Ended)Memphis May Fire, Silverstein & The Devil Wears PradaSouthampton Engine Rooms
Southampton Southampton , United Kingdom
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2016-12-17 (Ended)Stay Warm 2016The Danforth Music Hall
Toronto Ontario , Canada
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2017-04-12 (Ended)Good Charlotte, Youth Authority TourUnion Hall
Edmonton Alberta , Canada
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External Comments:
Dvlan159 Come to Colorado!!! We all miss you guys!!!
2010-10-14 11:25:14

lacopurple come to arizona!!! Tucson or pheonix!!!!!<33333
2010-09-26 09:21:01

MTDF_Vox1 Come to Austin again!! I didnt get to see ya'll :( you guys are amazing!!!
2010-08-29 00:00:40

Burns69 Come to anchorage, ak
2010-08-20 20:04:57

ikillgummieBears i knOw it's far ...but come to guatemala!! :D you keep on rockin!
2010-04-23 20:05:42

askingalexandria10596 Please come to Milwaukee havent seen you since warped tour!!! X (
2009-11-24 15:54:42

2009-11-10 18:45:50

2009-09-17 01:42:31

CodyScene Idaho Idaho Idaho PLeeeeeaaasssee
2009-07-27 08:32:29

xxLainey WOOT!<3 see you at Warped tour !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009-04-11 18:39:36